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Mar 072010

Updated April 13 2010 – Ricky Lee Bretherton (photos below), a family member of Billy Bretherton’s reality Tv show, Billy The Exterminator (pictures below), was arrested during the weekend of April 10 – 11, 2010. Ricky Bretherton was arrested on April 10, for felony marijuana possession.

Ricky Bretherton was busted in Leesville, PD, when police officers found weed, a container with weed and drug paraphernalia, in his car.

Ricky Lee Bretherton was with a female passenger. Both were arrested. Bretherton was charged with drug possession, drug paraphernalia possession and a traffic charge. The drug charges are felony charges. Ricky Lee Bretherton was released on his own recognizance although bail was set at $4198.

March 7, 2010 – Billy The Exterminator (photos below), returns on Wed night, at 10:30 pm. Billy Bretherton (pictures below), of Vexcon, Louisiana, and his family run a pest extermination business and they share it in season 2.

Billy Bretherton, The Exterminator, said Hurricane Katrina displaced domestic pets and wildlife. Bretherton said season 2 will featured their work done on alligators and snakes, among the pests.

Billy The Exterminator went to remove a 16 feet long Burmese python from a property. Bretherton thought the python could have belonged to someone as a pet.

Billy The Exterminator tells about the pitfalls of fame. Sometimes, after asking permission to bring a camera crew to shoot the pest removal scenes, Bretherton is denied permission. The home owner might say that their house looks messy and they don’t want themselves filmed.

However, there are fame whores who would do anything to get into the reality TV show. This group of people make things up to get Billy The Exterminator up at their homes.

Billy The Exterminator photos.

Billy The Exterminator (Billy Bretherton on the left) and Ricky Lee Bretherton photo.

Ricky Lee Bretherton photo.

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  1. Dear Mr Ricky Bretherton, your fantastic work can also be seen in Spain and I enjoy your shows. Do you still work in Benton and where do you live?

  2. Mr. Bretherton; I and my 8 year old Granddaughter watch your series all the time. Enjoy the show, as well your family also. Where do You get all of of your Skulls and jewelery? If you can answer fine, if not fine also. My Granddaughter will still be fans and watch your show. Thank you

  3. Me and my family love ur show,thanks for the exciting and clean entertainment!!!!!!!!

  4. Hey billy my name is haley and i have a little bother named jesse and he is your biggest fan ever he watches your show everyday.Everytime he watchs your show he always say AH SNAKE and he always laughs everytime that you say that.If you can i was wondering if he could get your autograph.He has your gloves,he has your hat,he has your shirt,and he also wants to have your boots.

  5. hey hello happy holidays bretherton family
    i watched the show &i refuse to talk nasty
    the family is very silly
    snakes gators and so much more you can write back
    want to say its very nice to see a family working together i wanted also say bill sr please get better
    i find youre illness serious if lived in louisiana i would help in medicane i dont i live upstate ny pass nycity any way happy holidays to you all

  6. Good show might go down for visit

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