Bill Cosby son Ennis Cosby killed by Mikhail Markhasev

Is Bill Cosby dead? Did Bill Cosby die? Bill Cosby didn’t die but his son did in 1997. On Jan 16, 1997, Ennis Cosby was fatally shot while he was changing a flat tire.

Ennis had pulled over to the side of Interstate 405 in Los Angeles. Ennis lived a short life from April 15, 1969 to 1997 and died at the age of 28.

Ennis’ murderer, Mikhail Markhasev, was a serial criminal whose victim reported on him. Markhasev wanted to rob Ennis Cosby but grew impatient with Ennis and shot him in the head.

Markhasev was convicted and sentenced to life in prison without parole. Bill Cosby actually saved his life because the actor spoke out against giving the death sentence to Markhasev.

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  1. Abriana Larson

    That was right when I was born and they keep saying that he was shot and then they say that he was beat to death. I just don’t know what to believe.

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