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Jun 202009

Betty Mahmoody where is she today“Not Without My Daughter” is a true story written by Betty Mahmoody. Betty, of Michigan, was married to Dr Sayyed Bozorg “Moody” Mahmoody. Betty and Dr Mahmoody brought their daughter, Mahtob Mahmoody, to Iran for a visit.

Betty Mahmoody today is an author. Betty Mahmoody today is a public speaker who travels all over the US and the world, to talk about her experiences and how she has handled her life.

where is Betty Mahmoody todayThe Betty Mahmoody today is different from the Betty who was a domesticated housewife of years ago. Betty was surprised to learn that her husband tricked her and he planned to stay in Iran as he lost his job in Michigan. Betty and Mahtob Mahmoody became prisoners until Betty befriended a shopkeeper with underground contacts. He helped Betty and Mahtob Mahmoody to escape from Iran.

where is she today Mahtob MamoodyThe Mahmoody mother and daughter reached the US Embassy in Ankara, Turkey, where they eventually were assisted to return to the US on Feb 9, 1986. Betty and Mahtob Mahmoody had lived in Iran for 18 months.

Not Without My Daughter has been made into a film. Dr Mahmoody has given his version of the custody battle to a film maker, Alexis Kouros. Kouros made the documentary, “Without My Daughter”, to dispute some perceived disagreements in Betty Mahmoody’s story.

Betty Mahmoody today is a writer and lecturer who is committed to help women and others who have similar predicaments as her own.

(Details of the Mahmoody story are at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Not_Without_My_Daughter)

Not Without My Daughter

Betty Mahmoody.

Betty Mahmoody

Today, Betty Mahmoody is the President and founder of “One World: For Children”. One World aims to promote security and protection to children of bi-cultural marriages. Mahmoody is a consultant to the Michigan State on the subject of international kidnapping of children.

In 1990, Betty Mahmoody was honored as the Outstanding Woman of the Year, Most Courageous of the Year, and Woman of the Year (Germany).

Today, Betty Mahmoody is a speaker who tours the country to lecture on her expertise.

Mahtob Mahmoody today.

Mahtob Mahmoody

Mahtob Mahmoody is a speaker on victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Mahtob wa sonly 4 years old when she survived her ordeal but she has grown up fine.

The movie Not Without My Daughter.
Sally Field, Alfred Molina, Sheila Rosenthal and Roshan Seth acted in the movie, “Not Without My Daughter”. Field played Betty Mahmoody. Molina acted as Moody. Rosenthal was Mahtob. Seth acted as Houssein.

Not Without My Daughter

Sally Field in “Not Without My Daughter”.

Not Without My Daughter

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  2. First time I “saw” Betty was on the Phil Donahue show. Bought the book and then had the pleasure of meeting Betty in person in Dayton, Ohio, when she came to speak. She signed my book and I told her that I don’t think I would have had the courage to do what she did. She told me I would be amazed at what I am capable of given certain circumstances. I have found that to be true – both good and bad. Incredible story of courage and faith.

  3. Ive watched the movie last month,made me cry a lot. Iam thankful that i was not born in a muslim country. Betty’s so brave n mahtob too.may almighty God be with you throughout ur entire life. My belated prayer for both of you. Much love :-*

  4. I have seen the movie many times. The point I want to make is, people have to be responsible for their actions, beliefs, how they treat others. Human beings have fought for equality since time began. Woman have been abused more than man has. Psychological problems were there, but love can blind people, as well as how strong her father was and daughters try to get what they are used to. Betty has gone through so much, and Mahtob too. I can relate to some of this in my own life. Would love to know if Betty gets into the Seattle area. Freedom to what a person believes is very important. A person should never force another to their thoughts. I was in the military for many years and seen abuses all over the world, especially women. My thoughts and prayers go out to Betty and Mahtob.

  5. I had read “Not Without My Daughter” at least 20 times and I had purchased this book. really hats off to U ms. betty. really u r a brave woman.

  6. It was good that Betty was able to write another book in which she shows that her situation was not caused by just cultural or religious differences or even gender differences. In her second book, For the Love of a Child, she shows how these things can happen across cultures and genders.

    It appears to me that Ellen was very treacherous and two-faced. How could she claim that she was a “close friend” of Betty’s and then say that Betty was lying?

    Abduction, except in urgent cases that are caused by the need to get a child to a safe place to avoid abuse or murder, is a form of abuse as well.

    One of the things that people don’t talk about much is that Betty mentions in her book that she loved her father very much but that in her parents’ household, her father’s word was law. Everybody got to discuss things but her father made the decisions. The way Moody behaved, on some level, must have at first seemed protective and caring like her father seemed to her. She probably thought unconsciously that a man laying down the law was a strong and protective and loving kind of man–but then she realized that this is not really the case at all. It was terrible that she had to learn it through such an ordeal.

  7. my hat is off to both of you betty and mohtab…i am so proud of you both..

  8. my daughter of 17 years old told me one day she hated the U>S> so i showed her this movie. she changed her mind real quick. i have seen this movie since it come out. i love watching movies like this to try and better understand how the world works in different cultures. coodoes to betty and to mahtob for sticking by your mother.

  9. When she FINALLY escaped back to America via Turkey – why in the hell did she keep his “ugly” name of Mahmoody! That is the first thing I would have done. Yuck, everytime she sees her name she carries his – what a horrible reminder!@!!!!!!@@@!@#!@#!@#
    Thank God for answered prayers!!!!!!! I could say more, but this is all for now.

  10. my sympathies to mahtob and betty mahmoody. i’ve been reading yours books and its reali shameful that a man can act like that. however, we must know that in islam,, its FORBIDDEN to beat his wife or children. wat betty or mahtob have lived in Iran and with moody was and is totally unislamic. this could happen also with a russian man, an american man, or whoever.what we must blame is the PERSON and not the religion. as for moody’s religion (shiites), its not the same point of view of all muslim (sunnites). one can easily go and verify in the Quran, in Chapter 4 “the women”. thank u all.

  11. I left England for Canada with my husband.We had two daughters here in Canada He became abusive.This book that I have read over and over because Moody reminds me of my ex husband, has helped me so much to understand my feelings.I became strong eventually and ran away from him with just a few things thrown in the car.He was being abusive to me when the phone rang and he had to leave.Thats when I ran with my kids.We hid. Then I plucked up the courage to phone him and told him I was getting a lawyer. Dont ask me about the police or shelters as this was in the 70,s. There was no help. Once after a beating … I couldnt see …he allowed me to go to the hospital The doctor asked me what I did to upset him.??? I had no family here …no money to return to England even though we were considered reasonably wealthy. I was too ashamed to tell my family or friends. I suffered emotionally for years until I found this book…watched the movie…and realized I was not alone. I was able to help myself through this book. My copy is old and tattered but I will never part with it.Thank you Betty…God Bless you and your beautiful daughter. I am glad your OK. Hope the boys are doing well also. Thank you once again.

  12. I have been married to an Iranian since 1980, also lived in Iran from 1981-88, I never had a problem with his family or anyone else when they found out you were a foreigner they would bend over backwards to help. I had two children and was able to come and go from Iran whenever I felt I needed to see my family. In the end I felt I needed to get out because of the Iran-Iraq war not because I had any problems.

  13. Ill tell you what, if I was her relative I would of went to Iran, kidnap him, and then beat the living daylights out of him. I would go to the point where i would ducktape the whole family so I can get Betty and her daughter out of that scummy country. Nice people! Nice people dont stone woman to death.

  14. I’m iranian & i so so sorry about this…I wish the best time for both of u and so sorry too

  15. Betty Mahmoody is a very couragious and brave woman who stands up for human rights for all.

  16. I grew up to this story and watched this movie many times over and I often wondered what happened many years later once Betty and her child returned back home. I often wondered if her husband ever came back to the USA to seek them out or if he ever seen his daughter and wife again? I am so glad Betty and her child made it back home, what a nightmare and scare just thinking of all of this and how someone can turn and lie to there family to get what they want. He was a very selfish, conceiving Man who deserves to lose his wife and daughter. I always hoped and wished for Part 2 movie/story to come out… will there ever be part 2? think about it please, your followers would like to know the after-math. Thank you for sharing your story and thank you for all you are doing now days to end this type of thing from happening to others… you are a brave and smart woman! hats off to you!

  17. So sorry for your hard times. Would love to know how you are doing now. Married? The americans sure don’t understand the Iranian thought process. It truly is different from the thought process that most americans are brought up.

  18. This is for “Butch”…..you need to come down south and spend a little time with a southern woman. You’ll got back under the rock that you crawled out from a much more “enlightened” little boy. No wait, that would require balls, obviously you don’t have any. Betty is awesome and should be praised for her strength and courage. But then, you wouldn’t know about either one of those would you? What a jerk off!

  19. That’s what abusers do. They blame the victim. Good luck to the lady in your life, Butch.

  20. She married “Moody” after getting advice about his religion, race, ethnic background, sexual habits, and political beliefs. She was either a very ignorant woman or just wanted to marry a doctor to get out of her social status. She deserved what she got. Everyone told her not to marry an Iranian and a Muslim, but she boldly went ahead with her plans. She believed she was “beautiful enough, sexy enough and strong enough” to bend him to her ways. She paid the price. No sympathy for the whining and crying after the facts. If she had that much fear she should not have gone.

  21. I wonder when Dr. Mahmoody passed away if he truly regretted in any way how he acted towards his wife and daughter and the fact that this led him to lose them for good. His love for his family in America or for his religion and family in Iran, that must of been quite a lot of pressure on him that he unfortunately let loose on his wife and daughter. He must of had quite bit of psychological issues to deal with even before he came to America and married and had a child. The pressure of leaving his family and religion for an alien culture, just as Betty and Mahtob were forced to stay in Iran in a culture that was alien to them. The guilt of leaving his people and family for the western culture must of left some very deep scars, which in the end affected the entire family in such a negative way that it ended up tearing them apart. Not before causing great pain and suffering for both Betty and Mahtob, and causing Moody to lose all aspects of reality for his wife and child. The difficulty that Dr. Mahmoody must of had to endure while working as a “Iranian” doctor in the heart of Midwest U.S. during the 1980’s when both the U.S. and Iran were at odds with each other and considered each other enemies. The feelings in the hospital were Dr. Mahmoody must of been anything but warm and fuzzy toward him, and the feelings must of been mutual to him as well. But again it all ending up in a bad situation made worst by politics, religion, psychological, and physical stress and just mutual bad feelings. It is ashamed that a wonderful family had to endure such pain and suffering because of difference in culture, and hatred and misunderstanding towards other cultures.

  22. I watched the movie read the book it’s so sad how a man will beat up his wife and force her to stay in Iran. I watched the interview with Moody claiming everything that has happen is a lie. Even Ellen the friend claiming that Betty tried to make money out of all this. I believe Ellen lied thru her teeth because her husband would beat her up too if she would say the truth. She witness all but kept it to herself. The only person that knows what happen is Betty and Mahtob. They all claiming that a 4 year old will not remember what happen because she was only 4. I believe once the kid is tramautaized of what happen it stays with the kid forever.

  23. i really liked the movie and the book you are so lucky that you got your daughter and yourself out alive. I feel so sorry for the women who have not made it out and they have grandchildren. :( i feel there is more that still needs to be done especially when they want out of those middle eastern countries like Iran.

  24. In the movie, the baby was the son of her sister-in-law.

  25. sad sad story brave woman i applaud u for not leaving ur daughter behind

  26. How sad that religions have been changed by some of their followers. Islam is peaceful by nature but some have decided otherwise and practise Jihad and death to the infidels; Jesus taught love thy neighbours and the way of peace and now some of His followers are spouting hatred and death for other religions. If there is a God/Allah, He/She must be so sad to see this happening. Where is the love of God/Allah in all of this? Those who practise hate and death are giving their religions a seriously bad name.

  27. I agree with all of guys who say Mahmoody must have had a psychological problem which got worse once he returned to Iran. He should never have succumbed to the presssure to go back without dealing with his psychological issues period

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