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Feb 082009

Betsy Ramsdale is a teacher at Beaver Dam Middle School. Ramsdale posted a photo of herself in Facebook. Ramsdale’s picture showed her aiming a gun at the camera.

Ramsdale was placed on administrative leave after school officials discovered her controversial photo on Facebook. When she was contacted by the press, Ramsdale told she has since removed her photo.

Parents are split over Ramsdale’s decision to post her picture with a gun on Facebook. One parent said it was inappropriate. One parent said it sent the wrong message. One parent said Ramsdale should have the freedom to do what she wants on her own time. What is your opinion?

Betsy Ramsdale news link.

  3 Responses to “Betsy Ramsdale: Teacher Ramsdale’s gun photo on Facebook”

  1. Before you guys slay the lady and the photographer just remember…it may be HER camera set on “self timer.” Or, if a photographer IS present, the gun may not only be unloaded but disabled which is standard “gun photographer” protocol.
    What bugs you people anyway? Is it the fact that it’s a teacher? Would it make you feel better if it was your hairstylist? Your insurance guy or your Pastor? I just left the shooting range and all 3 of them were there. They’re Americans who OWN GUNS, display them, know how to use them and NO you can’t run to their houses crying when the country falls in on itself and you can’t find a way to protect yourself or shoot any food. Curl up in the fetal position and die.

  2. America is supposed to be the home of free speech. Plainly it isn’t, it is the home of political correctness. I am not a gun owner, however I respect the right of people to own and use guns as their legal rights allow. So too I expect others to accord me my rights as a citizen. The ‘concerned’ person who reported her is meddlesome and obviously did not even have the courtesy to approach her. The complaining parents, well what can I say but here is hoping their children grown up with a better capacity to distinguish between what really matters in life and what doesn’t.

  3. hi friends of gun control it makes it easy for people like me!your friend charlie

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