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Mar 182009

June 1 2010 – Lips Unsealed by Belinda Carlisle: In the book, Belinda Carlisle said that she went on a 3 day cocaine binge in 2005. Carlisle said that she was in London for a business trip when she succumbed to a coke bender lasting 3 days. Carlisle had a dream where she saw herself staring at her overdosed, lifeless body.

Carlisle said she knew it was time to stop abusing drugs. The nightmare type of dream turned her life around. Carlisle said she started searching for solutions to her problems, instead of abusing drugs.

Berlinda Carlisle has been married to her husband, Morgan Mason, for 24 years. Their son is named James Duke Mason.

Morgan Mason background.

Morgan Mason is actually named Alexander Morgan Mason. Mason was born on June 26, 1955. Mason is an actor, film producer and politician. Mason was born in California. Mason’s parents are actors, which may have encouraged his early foray into acting. Morgan Mason’s first efforts in acting were done when he was a child.

May 29 2010: Belinda Carlisle wrote her memoir, “Lips Unsealed”, and the book will be released on June 1. Carlisle wrote about her abusive relationships, weight battles, self-esteem issues, drug addiction and alcohol abuse.

Belinda Carlisle released her memoir in 2010. “Lips Unsealed”, by Carlisle, details her long struggle with cocaine. Carlisle had addictions with food, drugs, alcohol, lesbians and odd behaviors.

In 1992, while Cralisle was pregnant with her son, she drank alcohol daily. Carlisle said she didn’t notice or cared what alcohol would do to her body or unborn baby. The child was James Duke Mason.

Carlisle said she was very lucky that she never had a major setback during her 30 odd years of debauchery with alcohol and drugs. Carlisle was never caught for DUI, never arrested nor killed because of her addictions. Moreover, her face and looks have remained relatively pristine and undamaged by her addictions. Carlisle attributed her good fortune to God.

Carlisle said her husband, Morgan Mason, stood faithfully by her side all through their 25 years of marriage. She resorted to Buddhism to turn over a new leaf. Carlisle has been sober and clean for the past 5 and ½ years.

Carlisle has been living in France and India for the past several years. She left Los Angeles 18 years ago.

March 18 2009:
Berlinda Carlisle posed for Playboy in 2001. Now in 2009, Carlisle is 50 and in Dancing with the Stars. Carlisle said she would never do Playboy again. Carlisle’s pic links are pasted below.

Berlinda Carlisle Playboy photo 1. Click on link to see photo.

Berlinda Carlisle Playboy photo 2.

Berlinda Carlisle article.

Belinda Carlisle will be 50 in August 16. Belinda Carlisle will tour the US for the first time in 6 years. According to Belinda Carlisle’s opinion, the music industry in the US has down graded.

Belinda Carlisle
Belinda Carlisle

Belinda Carlisle sings a solo act in Europe with a carefree schedule. She used to be billed as Belinda Carlisle and the Go-Gos.
Belinda Carlisle disappeared from the mainstream of entertainment when she married Morgan Mason, James Mason’s son. That was in 1986.

One decade later, Belinda Carlisle and Morgan Mason shifted to France and then England. Morgan Mason has a son with Belinda Carlisle. He is named as James Duke Mason, 16.

Berlinda Carlisle Dancing with the Stars.

Feb 8 2009:

Dancing with the Stars 2009 premieres on March 2009. DWTS will start season 8 on Monday, March 9 from 8 PM to 10 PM on ABC.

Dancing with the Stars season 8 cast:

singer Belinda Carlisle,
comedian and actor David Alan Grier,
singer/songwriter Jewel,
Olympic athlete Shawn Johnson,
singer and actress Lil’ Kim,
actor Gilles Marini,
rodeo cowboy Ty Murray,
comedian and actor Steve-O,
entertainment anchor Nancy O’Dell,
actress Denise Richards,
NFL legend Lawrence Taylor,
country singer Chuck Wicks, (Wicks will partner his girlfriend Julianne Hough)
and computer icon Steve Wozniak.

The DWTS professional dancers Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Karina Smirnoff are engaged. Chmerkovskiy and Smirnoff will be paired with their celebrity dance partners and they will compete with one another to get the prize.

Berlinda Carlisle music.

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