Becky Wunder stripper: Becky Wunder updates (photo)

Becky Wunder, a food blogger, is also a part time stripper with Rick’s Cabaret. Becky Wunder performed a striptease for Vernon Jordan at the Four Seasons’ restaurant, on July 22.

Vernon Jordan was a power broker and advisor to the former president Bill Clinton. Mr Jordan and his party of friends were at the Four Seasons to celebrate his 75th birthday.

Beck Wunder was at Jordan’s table, to deliver a Happy Birthday song. At the end of the song, Becky Wunder pulled down her bustier tube and became topless.

Vernon Jordan, Pete Peterson, Donald Marron, Steve Forbes, Felix Rohatyn and several other powerhouse guests were treated to the surprise striptease act.

Becky Wunder

Becky Wunder

Becky Wunder Wunderful Kitchen link.

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