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Nov 202008

Becca Manns was formerly a student at the University of Louisville. Becca Manns became notorious when her nude photos were discovered online. Becca Manns was a cheerleader in her University but she was expelled from both her studies and cheerleading when her naked pictures became a scandal.

Becca Manns as betrayed by her ex-boyfriend. Her University and cheerleading squad could not stand by her. The University of Louisville kicked her out. Rebecca’s parents have sued the school to force them to allow her to continue her studies.

Becca Manns has supportive parents who are trying to sue the University to allow Becca to re-enroll and complete her studies. Becca Mann‘s photos are NSFW at the link.

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  1. Its great that this happened 3 years ago and still pops up in a lot of unrelated internet searches

  2. Why the hell should she be expelled from School ? WTF

  3. Hi all

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