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Apr 252009

Beatrice Arthur, best remembered in “The Golden Girls”, has died. Arthur died at the age of 86. Arthur passed away on Saturday, April 25.

Beatrice Arthur died in Los Angeles with her family in attendance. Arthur died of cancer. Arthur left behind her two sons and two granddaughters.

Bea Arthur once said that the three greatest influences on her career were Sid Caesar, Lee Strasberg and Lotte Lenya.

Bea Arthur had served as the chairman of the Art Attack Foundation, which is a non-profit performing arts scholarship organization.

Bea Arthur’s real life adopted son, Matthew Saks, also did some acting. Saks appeared as Cop Number 2. In the video below. Saks was the shorter one, without the mustache.

Beatrice Arthur and Matthew Saks in The Golden Girls, Season: 7 Episode: The Monkey Show Part 2 – video link.

Beatrice Arthur photo.

6th Annual

Bea Arthur & Larry Jones, 2008.

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