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Sep 262008

Barney Frank, who is openly gay, had a past romantic relationship with Herb Moses, an executive for Fannie Mae. Barney Frank’s involvement was alleged to have persuaded him to cook the books (finance accounts) for Fannie Mae.

The Washington Post reported this story in its Reliable Source column in July 3, 1998. By the time the story broke in The Washington Post, the newspaper admitted that Barney Frank and Herb Moses had broken up. However, this was conflicting as Barney Frank was heard referring to Herb Moses as his “spouse.” Another report from the same newspaper said Barney Frank called Herb Moses as his “lover”. The two men had remained friends despite the said breakup. The romantic affair ended around 1998, ten years ago.

Barney Frank is accused of misleading the officials about the finance situation in Fannie Mae because his friend ( or spouse/lover) Herb Moses was a top executive in the mortgage firm. Herb Moses left Fannie Mae in 1998 and ended his relationship with Barney Frank at around the same time.

Details in Source.

Barney Frank interview video.

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