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Jun 072009

Barbara Bentley wrote a book called “A Dance With the Devil”. Bentley narrated her personal account of her marriage to a sham admiral. Bentley married John Perry, who posed as Admiral John Perry. Perry was a spendthrift who enjoyed living.

Barbara Bentley was almost cleaned out of her assets by her husband. Bentley was in love with Perry and the alarm bells failed to ring in her head. Bentley was sucked in and manipulated by a con man.

The fake admiral tried to kill her by smothering her with ether. Bentley tried to divorce her gold digger husband and discovered he was eligible for some of her assets.

Bentley slowly realized her estranged husband had probably tried to kill her several times by improvising fake incidents.

Bentley objected against California’s no fault law that gave the ex spouse a part of her assets. Bentley worked to get that law changed and she succeeded.

Barbara Bentley discovered John Perry worked his way through conning another woman. One day, Perry was found dead of a drug overdose. Bentley believed he misjudged the amount of drugs to consume to fake a heart attack. Perry had used the same tricks on the new woman.

Barbara Bentley was a guest on NBC “Dateline”, on Sunday, June 7.

A Dance With the Devil by Barbara Bentley (photos/ videos)

A Dance With the Devil by Barbara Bentley – a book review.

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