Barack Obama’s half-brother Samson Obama accused of sex attack (photos)

Samson Obama, the half brother of President Barack Obama, was refused entry into the UK. Samson Obama was accused of a sex attack on a girl in Berkshire and refused a visa into the UK.

Samson Obama tried to enter Britain before flying into Washington for Barack’s inauguration on Jan 20 2009. Samson Obama’s record showed he was accused of a sex attack on a young girl in Nov 2008. At that time, Samson Obama gave a fake name, Henry Aloo. Obama was fingerprinted and his other details were stored. Samson Obama was not charged with sex assault.

When he tried to apply for a visa in Jan 2009, he was rejected as his prints were compared and his true identity and arrest record were discovered.

Samson Obama is a manager of a phone store outside Nairobi. Samson’s mother is Kezia, 67, who lives in Bracknell. Kezia was a teen when she married to Barack Obama Sr in Kenya.

Samson Obama photos at NOTW.

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