Ballerina Sarah Lane slams Natalie Portman faking Black Swan (photo)

Ballerina Sarah Lane slams Natalie Portman faking Black Swan and avoiding telling the truth. Ballerina Sarah Lane is bursting out of her seams with her dark secret. Sarah says she is the real dancer in Black Swan. Ms Lane said she danced 95% of the time in the movie’s scenes. Natalie Portman’s head was pasted over her body to deceive viewers into thinking the actress actually managed to dance ballet in Black Swan.

Sarah Lane appealed to our common sense to believe her. It takes early childhood training to develop a ballet dancer’s feet, legs and body. Granted that Portman dieted to lose weight to attain the ballet dancer’s skinny shape, but she can’t become a ballerina overnight within a few months’ of practise.

Sarah indicated she was sore after Portman neglected to thank her as her body double and neglected to credit her for the hard work dancing Black Swan.

Benjamin Millipied said Sarah Lane lied and Natalie did most of the dancing. He was the choreographer for Black Swan and insisted he was telling the truth.

Millipied is also Portman’s fiance. Gossip said he could be dumped after the baby is born.

Sarah Lane

Sarah Lane

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