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Sep 182008

Aya Sugimoto PETA photography shoot was done. Aya Sugimoto stripped nude on Wed. Sept. 17 for PETA. Aya Sugimoto may be the first naked Japanese model to pose for Peta in Japan.

Aya Sugimoto. Sorry, there was no translation of the Japanese text.

Aya Sugimoto

Another picture is below.

Aya Sugimoto in one of her movies.

Aya Sugimoto

Aya Sugimoto said she stopped wearing fur 2 years ago. Sugimoto was horrified to learn how the fur was produced so she refused to wear fur. Aya Sugimoto is a dancer, erotic novel writer and actress. Sugimoto welcomes her naked posters being used to campaign for Peta. Sugimoto created a faux fur fashion brand since she stopped using real fur. PETA choose Sugimoto as their first Japanese model. Jason Baker, Peta’s director in Asia-Pacific, said Aya Sugimoto cares about animals and is the perfect model for Peta in Japan. Sugimoto said one can be stylish and care about animals at the same time. Cute Japanese fashion and the “kawaii” cute look can be achieved without using real fur.

One picture of Aya Sugimoto topless is here.

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  1. Aya Sugimoto is very nice woman.I can say it cause I lived four years in Japan and i saw her on tv too.YOu are very sexy and beautifull woman Aya.What I dont like about you,you just cant never accept that somebody is nicer than you ,more beautifull than you.You are not greatest.I saw more and m ore blacvk,latinas,white stunning woman,sorry not so much asian,but its true,just take it.Dont be so arogant,you are far away from sexiest and greaTEST in the world!!!

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