Ava Fabian sues Neal Schon

Neal Schon, a guitarist in the band Journey, is being used by his ex girlfriend, Ava Fabian. Schon allegedly made a verbal agreement for a nonmarital relationship arrangement. The two lived together in San Anselmo before they broke up. The woman is a former Playboy Playmate model.

Ms Fabian is suing for $25,000, accrued interest, and her share in property and earnings acrrued during their relationship from Feb 2010 to Sept 2011. Ms Fabian said she gave up her time, career and opportunities to care for Schon, his children from his past relationships, his mother, keeping house for him, and doing various other work.

Consequentially, Ms Fabian declined a couple of work offers which cost her lost potential income. FRabian accused Schon of speaking of her as a gay lesbian. This ended their romantic relationship sometime in September 2011. The lawsuit of Fanian versus Schon will be heard in a case management conference set on April 11, 2012. Judge Roy Chemus is presiding over the case.

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