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Aug 102010

Sp 18 2014 – Aubrey Plaza is Grumpy Cat
Aubrey Plaza has been cast as Grumpy Cat in the movie. Aubrey who won fame for playing April Ludgate in Parks and Recreation, won her role in Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever, by Lifetime. Tim Hill and Jeff Morris wrote the script for real life cat icon Tardar Sauce. Parks will end at the end of Season 7.

August 31 2014 – Is Aubrey Plaza’s boyfriend embarrassed by her leaked nudes? Aubrey Plaza was one of the victims who was bullied online. A hacker stole her naked selfies and posted her racy photos online. Aubrey was one of the hundreds of actresses who stored nude pictures on cell phones.

Aubrey Plaza’s boyfriend is Jeff Baena. He is a film writer and director.

Aubrey is trying to expand her horizon beyond comedy. She showed potential to act in serious comedy. It was during her acting in the movie, “Life After Beth”, that she started dating its writer-director, Jeff Baena.

Aubrey Plaza, 28, was booted from the 2013 MTV Movie Awards. During the award night in April, she pulled an unscripted stunt with Will Ferrell, 45. He was making his acceptance speech for receiving his Comic Genius Award when Aubrey tried to grab it away. She suddenly went upstage barefoot and holding her drink in her hand. With her free hand, she tried pulling the popcorn trophy away from Ferrell. He was shocked but recovered to include her in his act. Aubrey had the name of her new movie, “The To Do List”, scrawled on her upper chest. She wore a a tube top short dress. She was seated at the front row of the audience and could walk up to the stage with ease. Her behavior was bizarre but she could have been under pressure to promote her new movie. What better way than to create a scene and have her photos published all over the world?

Aug 13 2010 – Aubrey Plaza was on Good Day New York. Plaza gave an impression she wasn’t treating the interview with respect as she had gum on her teeth even when the camera went live. Plaza had to be reminded to put away her gum. Plaza talked about her experiences and how they helped her when she was playing the role of her character in “Scott Pilgrim Vs The World”.

Aubrey Plaza graduated in 2006. Plaza said she had gone through several intern jobs and she mentioned being a temp, a receptionist etc.

Aug 10 2010 –

Aubrey Plaza showed off her mile long sexy legs in stockings. Ms Plaza teased the men and women with an upskirt pose, while concealing the real goods. Ms Plaza posed with her pussy for added dramatics.

Aubrey Plaza acts as April Ludgate in NBC’s Parks and Recreation.

Aubrey Plaza hot leaked pussy.

Aubrey Plaza

Ms Plaza is best known as a comic actress. Her talent is in acting in a deadpan, mock serious style. Plaza can be seen in her current role as April Ludgate, in the TV show, Parks and Recreation.

Ms Plaza honed her comedy skills while working with improvisation and sketch comedy, at a theater, in 2004. Plaza also practiced her skills as a standup comic in clubs.

Plaza has acted in movies, taking on mostly comic roles.

Some gifs or internet memes were purely works of fiction. Aubrey’s leaked nudes were online way before September 1 2014.

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April Plaza.

April Plaza hot

Aubrey Plaza leakedAubrey Plaza hot


She is almost as “flat as a plank”. Aubrey Plaza is a rare actress who has not done plastic surgery for breast augmentation.

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