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Apr 102009

Updated: Asia McGowan, 20, of Ecorse and Anthony Powell, 28, of Detroit, were found dead inside a room in the MacKenzie Fine Arts Center, of Henry Ford Community College. McGowan and Powell had finished a class in theater earlier in the day.

Police said Anthony Powell shot Asia McGowan before he turned the gun on himself at around 12:30 pm Friday, April 10.

The original, first post is below:

Henry Ford Community College in Michigan had two deaths on campus on Good Friday, April 10. A man, 28, and a woman, 20, were found dead in a room in Henry Ford Community College. Police responded to a call about gunshots being fired on campus and they found two dead bodies.

The man used a shotgun to murder the woman. He used the gun to commit suicide a short time later. Police have not released the names. It was revealed the man and woman were classmates in at least one course together.

Henry Ford Community College went into a lockdown. The school sent alerts through its email and cell phone systems. The school had not decided if classes would resume as usual on Saturday, April 11.

Henry Ford Community College shootings – video and photos at link.

Asia McGowan & Anthony Powell, RIP.

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  1. hey thats sad i miss you

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