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Nov 102008

Sep 24 2011 – Ashley Madison website’s owner has tossed out a challenge to Sarah Palin. The website is offering Sarah Palin $1 million to take a lie detector test, to prove Joe McGinniss’ claims wrong. A Madison, the site for cheating wives and husbands, want to get publicity to show how right they are about cheating spouses.

McGinniss picked up the old rumors about Sarah seeing Glen Rice and Brad Hanson. There was no proof to support the gossip.

AshleyMadison dot com is willing to hire a certified polygraph examiner to set up the lie detector tests, for Sarah and Todd Palin. The examiner will only ask questions in relation to the claims about extra-marital relations. If Sarah and Todd’s test results show they are telling the truth, the website’s owner will write a check paying Sarah $1,000,000.

Sep 2011 – Ashley Madison allegedly offered Michaele Salahi a job as their spokesperson. The website periodically selects outstanding celebrities to offer them business deals to work with them.

Updated Feb 18 2010 – Noel Biderman, the founder of Ashley Madison, said after Valentine’s Day, there is a spike in memberships for the website. Biderman explained that women and men who were disappointed on the Lovers Day look for new partners to fulfill expectations.

Updated Dec 6 2009
A woman named Ashley Madison claimed the website operators used her name without her consent. Ms Madison claimed the website used her likeness and name without consent. Ms Madison has filed a lawsuit to stop Ashley Madison dot com from using her name. This woman is the former girlfriend of James Wood.

Recently, the website Ashley Madison offered Tiger Woods 5 million to endorse their site. The AM website claimed Woods would be a suitable person to endorse the site since the revelation of his alleged relationships.

November 10 2008.

The Ashley Madison website is a website that helps people in relationships cheat on their partners. The “Ashley Madison have an affair” website comes with a guarantee. You can read more by visiting their terms and conditions at their website.

The Ashley Madison website has gathered publicity by committing to a full page ad in the Super Bowl XLIII game program.

Ashley Madison website ad in the Super Bowl XLIII game program:

Ashley Madison website ad in the Super Bowl XLIII game program

Ashley Madison charges $249 per member and there are almost 3 million members! That is the number of unhappy committed partners in the U.S. and/or the world.

Some of these partners are using Ashley Madison’s website like a swingers club. Their respective spouses or partners maybe aware and maybe even actively participating in the Ashley Madison affair scheme as a form of spouse swapping.

Noel Biderman is the founder of ashleymadison.com. A teenaged female member of the audience in a show raised an issue.

The girl said her parents’ marriage was broken up because of adultery. The girl asked Biderman why he encouraged married people to have affairs by facilitating that in his website. The girl accused Biderman of not being in the know of what the child in the family feels like when the parents break up due to infidelity.

This girl told Biderman that she was raised by her brother after her parents broke up.

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  81 Responses to “Ashley Madison website: Ashley Madison have an affair website”

  1. It’s been just over a month since I found out. The other women told me everything…I could not live with the reminders and what she had told me. My marriage is now over…I now have to pick my life up and figure out if I’ll ever be able to trust anyone with my heart again…and feel secure like I once did…only time will tell.

  2. I found out my husband was having an affair with a twenty some year old he met on this web site. It has literaly destroyed me…
    I can admit, we grew apart after having our daughter. I was not in the stellar shape I was before I got pregnant. I was so tied up in trying to raise our daughter and keeping home life stress free because both of our work lives were so stressful. (the first years as a new Mother and Father can be very hard) I know I didn’t give him the attention he needed, but he had told me he would never let me down, and he felt the same way I did about vows, and commitment. I missed the good times, and the way things were, his touch, the attention. I did tell him I worried after the way things were with us about a year into parenthood. Yes, I should have set down with him again and talked another 2 years into parenthood. Our sex got down to very minimal. Yes, it was my fault too…but I never once turned to someone else. It devistates you…seems worse than death…your life will never be the same, your scared and second guess everything. It takes a strong person to recover, get back their security, trust and so many other things you once had. I mean you give your heart and soul to that special person…the vows you both commented too…for better or worse…then they break it all, in just a matter of minutes…
    Please just be honest and open and give the other person the chance to make a dicision on the marriage too. I feel if I was given the dicision, I would have probalbe stayed for us and our daughter. Because I knew how he was feeling because I felt the same way. Then if we couldn’t find what we once had, we would come to an agreement. But at least we both were on the same page, and it would not have been just one person living life.
    Again, Please just be honest and open and give the other person the chance to make a dicision on the marriage too. You actually could find what you both once had if you both just ask.

  3. This is what we have come to as a society? We cheat on our spouses through websites that endorse it? 15yr itch? You’re pathetic.

  4. I wonder if the site’s CEO has any daughters in his family? If so, he obviously doesn’t care if his daughter’s husband would use such a site as this? Or vice versa with any of his children. I am a daughter, and I have just recently discovered that my husband has an account with the ashely madison site. I wish that I could run to my parents, asking for advice, support, a shoulder to cry on. But I can’t, because my parents are frail with old age, I do not wish for them to worry and hurt for me, let alone the shame that I feel.

    I am going through such a depressed range of emotions since finding out that my husband has joined. He has no clue that I am aware of it either. Surely, when anyone signs up to this site, they are actively seeking/planning to have an affair. It isn’t a dating site, alternative cyber sex/ voyeurism type of thing, which personally, I would be able to deal with better and discuss with my husband. But this site, their front page slogan “Life is too short. Have an affair” is designed only for people actively seeking adultery.

    I feel so deeply hurt and lost.

  5. My 16 year old joined, where men were offering her money for sex. she sent them nude pics and engaged in sex talk.she told all of them to leave her alone and she was 16 and they still wanted her. one man went so far as to send to send cheap jewelery and flowers to her high school. she was on for 2 days, there are about 8 men. one local man wanted her to have a relationship and babysit his children. help what kind of world do we live in. this site should be shut down.

  6. Lots of hate out there for people who are cheating, attempting to cheat, thinking about it. You are way to self righteous to call anyone names or tell them they are stupid, gross, horrible for doing that. You are ignorant for even thinking about placing the name of any GOD/religion into the context! Unless you are with NO FAULT yourself, don’t judge others unless you wish to be judged by that same harsh light. In my opinion, this is just an opinion, the breakdown of a marriage is due to BOTH parties and not just one. There may be love but you are not in love with your partner, there is a HUGE difference between the two. You can stay married and love the person and you can still cheat if that component is missing or has evaporated from one side. If you are missing passion, find that in yourself, if you can and are able to get out, do so politely without hurting the person you still love. If you can’t for some reason, if you cheat, do so discreetly and with the greatest of care. I am neither for or against cheating, it is a person choice and it is not immoral but only immoral if you believe it is so! Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed and you are meant to be happy, so if you think cheating will help you and fulfill you and make you happy, by all means do it! You have every right to live your life the way you see fit! For all of you that believe this is a moral breakdown, put yourself in the shoes of someone that has been married for years with little or horrible sex, see how long you will last in a relationship with little to no sex, little intimacy, horrible to non existent communication. Imagine yourself in a relationship where both parties lie and have lied to one another from the beginning to get what they want out of the union. Put yourself in a place where marriage counseling would do you no good because your better half chooses to ignore/refuse or chooses to pretend there are no problems with your union whatsoever. Now, add financial problems on your end on top of all of this. Also add the fact that you have STD’s onto that mix and your husband has them too, and you met online and were lucky enough to find someone with the same STD’s that was what you thought the most decent guy you’ve met in years! So now, you think you have problems and you think you should judge? Some people have it much worse than you do, however, they still survive! Be happy with yourself and do what you feel and do what you know only you can morally live with! It’s YOUR CHOICE don’t let anyone tell you different!!!

  7. Frankly, if someone is cheating it is BOTH parties fault for lack of communication. If there IS communication and still no change then get a DIVORCE. If circumstances do not allow a Divorce, grow a pair and then get a Divorce. OR, agree to an OPEN RELATIONSHIP and the other individual will most certainly opt for the Divorce, if not then congrats you won the jackpot.


    Isnt it funny that the most gruesome and evil acts throughout history have been made in the name of Religion? And most cruel and demeaning posts on the Internet have either God or Jesus in them??

  8. Ashley Madison is a scam. Fake profiles galore, fake messages to make you use up your credits, automatic re-billing, virtually no genuine women etc. If you really want to cheat check out the much better alternatives like IllicitEncounters.com or Gleeden.com where you feel like a valued customer rather than a mark to be fleeced!

  9. this website is a shame, a god damn shame. I am ashamed sometimes to be a guy because of what other guys are capable of. cheating and breaking womens’ hearts… ive had my heart broken plenty of times by girls because i smoke weed. whoopdie fucking doo. but ive found the girl ive been looking for all my life. my mother was with a lot of guys when i was little and they always beat her and cheat on her and screamed at her and everything. they even beat me. everytime they’d hit me or my mom, especially my mom, my mother’d come up to me and say: “that was a poor excuse of how to treat a woman. you treat your girl with respect, love, equality, and care. and dont you EVER hit a woman. dont ever cheat, be honest. always. if you do, she will love you forever.” those words got me a long way, now here i am, 16 years old, and i can officially say im in love! 😀 i know im too young but hell i did it anyways i love my girl so much i got her an engagement ring with half a golden heart with a diamond heart going over the half gold one, completing the heart, making it whole, just like my babygirl’s heart does for me, completes me. and im guna propose to her christmas eve :) I swear on all that I love, (my baby) that I will never ever ever EVERRRRRR hurt her. I feel bad for all the women out there who have been hurt in relationships.

  10. you know i have been married for 12 years – we started of with amazing sex, but laltely just because i have been very stressed and have gained a bit of weight, husband does not have the desire to have sex. he says his penis gets hard but he just does not have the desire to fuck anymore. Why? we have our tiffs now and then like every marriage would do but shouldnt affect sex… so lately i have hit red zone and been desperate for great sex, I want kisses, hugs and great sex. I am not willing to leave my husband but only want to fulfil my desires. For those out there, I have done my share of toys and playing with myself, but seriously it does not satisfy me long term, am tired of it and now want to feel a nice warm body pressing against mine while I come. So I understand the men and women out there who feel the same. What stops me is “no guarantee of attracting a sexual disease as I dont know what the other is carrying”. Otherwise would love to have a ONE OFF great sex with a stranger.

  11. I have a few comments for all of you.

    First of all, if you know anything about what rich, elite entrepreneurs with last names like Biderman and Morgenstern have to offer society, you would EXPECT this sort of thing; you would EXPECT their website to A) promote not only infidelity but also a vicious circle, too; TV shows like CHEATERS where they hunt them down on camera!) and B) rip off anyone gullible enough to make an account on the site! IT IS NO SURPRISE – WAKE UP and STOP PAYING ATTENTION TO ZIONIST JEWISH BREAD AND CIRCUSES! Read Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley! Read the Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion. Learn the enemy’s plan written in their own words! This is a PLANNED society – their aim is to crush individual liberty and the family bonding instinct, and to transform us all into sheeplike slaves! Love your families and turn off the Zionist Marketing Mind Control.

  12. Been married for 22 years. sex is ok but i miss kissing and touching alot…

  13. What’s next? INCEST? America always sets the trends…

  14. Go to the best spa in town and have a good rubdown…

  15. Wow!!!…Another breakthrough??? Is the the new trend now in US of A? What’s next, INCEST??? So let it be written. Let it be done…Please remember that a family is the basic unit of a decent society…If the family is broken, how can a SOCIETY function correctly…Thanks to giving days…

  16. Hey guys, first of all, the ashleymadison.com is a total spam. Just read the report of thousands of guys who were riped off and never got anything out of it. Secondly, even if you find a real woman out there, your wife will find out if you are cheating for sure, whatever you do, she will see it in your eyes, 100%. So it’s not worth doing. Just jerk it off and be done with it, it’s the cheapest, easiest and safest way to get cheating off your mind.
    And for all the people who judge guys on that website: I would say: “DON’T JUDGE AND YOU WON’T BE JUDGED”
    Everyone has a right of choice, they just might have to face consequences later.

  17. This is someone way of make money. Do you think this is something new. This site was put together to make money. If a Man/Women wants to cheat they will. This just made it easier to do it. I wish I came up with this site. The maker of it is making hand over fist money. I think I’m going to go home tonight and talk to my wife about taking this idea and making something simular. Chat rooms were the first to start this. You can’t blam the site it’s the stupid people that use it. No one tells you to cheat you just do it because you don’t care about anything but yourself. Yes my marriage lacks the sex, but I can do it myself. I’m a big boy. I love my wife to much to throw it all away for a one night fling. If your not happy in your marriage then tell them. Try to work on it. If your partner care about you enough then they will try to change. You will also have to change to make this work out. I’m 34 with 2 kids and married 14 years. I was a player before I meet the one I wanted to spend my life with. Why damage that for a piece of ass that means nothing to me. Good luck in what ever you do. Just remember no matter how good you are the truth will come out sometime. It always does.

  18. What I find incredibly funny are all of the insecure women (girls?) on this site.

    If he’s screwing around, it’s because you’re not good enough for him. Deal with it.

  19. How does having sex with bunch of strangers make you feel good inside all your doing is fooling yourself the person your having it with will get tired of you and move on again and again all it does does is give a cheap thrill and mess your head up..

  20. I have to say that I am saddened that a site like this exists. As a wife I know that if my husband wasn’t happy with me I would rather him leave than have an affair. It would end up in divorce either way, but at least I wouldn’t have to feel like I wasn’t good enough. After over 10yrs of marriage I can say that some times the lovin isn’t all that, but there are still those, more frequent times, that are still earth shaking!! So please if your wife or husband isn’t enough, save them some self respect and just get out of the marriage.

  21. your damn right steve. I like the way you broke it down.

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