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Jul 112009

Updated July 30 – Arturo Gatti’s death was ruled a suicide. Gatti was found suspended and hanging so the police thought Mrs Gatt could not have hung him.

Updated July 14 – Arturo Gatti’s friend, Chuck Zito, said the boxer met Amanda Rodrigues at Scores, a strip club, in New York. Zito said Gatti’s friends had tried persuading him not to marry Rodrigues. Zito has known Gatti for the past 13 years.

Updated July 12 2009 – Amanda Carina Barbosa Rodrigues Gatti has been detained in police custody. Brazilian police determined Arturo Gatti was strangled to death using a purse strap. There were blood stains on the strap and the floor of the hotel room.

Updated July 12 2009 – Arturo Gatti’s wife, Amanda Rodrigues, is a suspect in the alleged murder of Gatti.

Acelino “Popo” Freitas, a Brazilian boxer, said Gatti confided in him about domestic troubles. According to Freitas, Gatti said he was separating from Amanda Rodrigues.

Rodrigues told police she had an argument with her husband on Friday night. Gatti returned to their hotel room drunk. Police said there were inconsistencies in her story.

Rodrigues had a purse/ handbag, whose strap was broken. Police are testing the strap to see if it was used to strangle Gatti.

Posted July 11 2009.
Arturo Gatti dead: Former boxer Arturo Gatti died

Arturo Gatti, 37, of Canada, has died. Gatti, a former boxing champion, died in Brazil. Gatti was the junior welterweight champion in his hey days, before he retired in 2007.

Arturo Gatti had brought his wife and son, 1 year old, to Porto de Galinhas, a seaside resort. The Gatti family arrived at the hotel on Friday, July 10. By Saturday morning, Gatti was found dead. Mrs Gatti and her son were unharmed.

Gatti’s cause of death was not determined or the information was not released on Saturday, July 11. There were blood stains on the floor of the hotel room but initial reports said Gatti did not have knife wounds nor gunshot wounds.

There are sites writing about Amanda Gatti. Mrs Gatti found her husband on the floor of their room. Arturo Gatti had marks on his head and neck. Mr and Mrs Gatti were in Brazil for their honeymoon.

Arturo Gatti (L) celebrates his brother Joe’s win against Alex Hilton by TKO in the fifth round of a Super Middleweight fight at the Molson Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. July 10, 2001.

Gatti v Hilton X

* Arturo Gatti, Aug 9 2006.

Arturo Gatti Portraits

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