Armando Montelongo, Veronica Montelongo, David Montelongo & Melina Montelongo (photo)

Armando Montelongo, Veronica Montelongo (Armando’s wife), David Montelongo (Armando’s brother) and Melina Montelongo (David’s wife) were guest stars in “Flip This House”. This was a reality TV show about flipping a property, renovating it, and re-selling it.

Armando Montelongo, Veronica Montelongo, David Montelongo and Melina Montelongo were in the TV reality show as the San Antonio Team because that is where they reside in.

Armando Montelongo (photo at link) has formed a company called Montelongo Worldwide Inc. Armando Montelongo and his brother David have another company called Montelongo House Buyers.

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