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Feb 152009

Anne Sluti was a teen in April 2001 when she was abducted from a parking lot. Anthony Zappa kidnapped Anne Sluti. Sluti testified against Zappa and told the court how she was sexually assaulted while she was being held captive.

In September 2002, Anthony Zappa was sentenced to life in prison for abducting Anne Sluti. Zappa had to make restitution of around $40,000. Zappa has to serve at least 40 years in prison.

Anne Sluti was kidnapped in April 2001 and held prisoner for 6 days. Anthony Zappa, aka Anthony Wright, kidnapped her in broad daylight.

Wright/ Zappa used to tie up, chain and tape Sluti while they were traveling from place to place. Zappa issued a challenge to Sluti. Zappa said she could be released if she managed to free her restraints. Sluti said she cut herself trying to cut her tape binds on a barbed fence. Zappa eventually freed Sluti in Montana.

Anthony Wright/ Zappa was caught, tried and convicted for kidnapping. Zappa was sentenced to life in prison in Kansas.

The last public news about Anne Sluti was that she had continued her studies in engineering.

Anne Sluti’s story has been made into a movie called “Taken In Broad Daylight”. The lead character was played by Sara Canning, a Canadian actress.

James Van Der Beek acted as Tony Zappa, the kidnapper of Anne Sluti, in 2001. The movie was called “Taken In Broad Daylight”. Zappa was tried, convicted and sentenced to life for his crime.

Anne Sluti.

Anne Sluti

Anthony “Tony” Zappa photo.

Updated Jan 1 2010:

Anne Sluti’s father, Donald Sluti, is interested to run for public office in Nebraska. Mr Sluti may run for the secretary of state office. Sluti is a retired professor of management from the University of Nebraska.

Donald Sluti and two others are challenging Nebraska’s petition laws by going to court to fight them. The American Civil Liberties Union’s Voting Rights Project and ACLU Nebraska has filed the lawsuit on behalf of the three individuals.

Donald Sluti, Amy Miller and Michael Groene are the plaintiffs who claimed the Nebraska laws hinder citizens who want to run for public office or place initiatives for balloting.

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  1. I have watched this movie- a story of a young girl kidnapped in broad daylight. She was so innocent, carefree but very brave. I am happy for her that she has overcome this tragic episode in her life. For her it became an opportunity to do what is morally right and faced reality at a level headed horizon. She fought back at her kidnapper without any vestige of vengeance but to set an example to all other victims who experienced the same and that society will not tolerate wicked persons. Life will go on and I am glad Ann had seen it that way with the support of her family. My best personal regards.

  2. try quicksilverscreen or veehd or maybe stagevu

  3. were can i watch the full movie without putting my information out in pulbic

  4. I am trying to find out more about Anthony Zappa. Did he ever live in Branson Missouri? What method did he use to kidnap this woman. This is all errie to me because I think I have met this man in the year 2000 who I had to call police on!

  5. Anthony aka tony zappa/wright is not in current custody in kansas or iowa so hmmm says he has been released from both places i know they have a photo of a man in an orange jump suit saying its him but it’s not hard to run a check on the name it says for kansas a man by that name was arrested for sexual battery and done been released so just wonder how much time he realy did serve

  6. I commend you on being able to share your story. Your character in the playing clearly showed that we can our own best advocate. God Bless You and your family.

  7. this movie was very good , But very sad , lucky she is alive . she is young .

  8. I am watching this movie right now and he just raped her its so sad BUT ITS ON A COMMERCIAL SHEWW!!!

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