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Dec 192008

June 12 2010 – Anna Faris is getting married in her movie, “What’s Your Number?”. Faris has her film wedding on Good Harbor Beach, in Gloucester, Massaschusetts, and Cape Ann.

Anna Faris stars as the woman who reflects of her twenty dates and debates with herself on which man could be her Mr Right. Faris’ co-stars are Chris Evans, Andy Samberg, Dave Annable and Zachary Quinto.

Anna Faris’ reel marriage is being filmed at a very scenic spot at Good Harbor Beach. The hotels at the beach are located near sea food restaurants. The actors, crew and all staff of “What’s Your Number?” will get to experience the sights, sounds and tastes at Good Harbor Beach.

Dec 19 2008 –

Anna Faris is on the cover of Playboy September 2008. Anna Faris did not strip naked for Playboy.

Anna Faris on Playboy September 2008.
Anna Faris is on the cover of Playboy September 2008.

Anna Faris has a new movie called The House Bunny. Anna Faris played a Playboy Bunny in that film. Her publicist advised her against stripping nude for the Playboy magazine photography shoot.

Anna Faris has plans to make a movie that is a biopic about porn actress Linda Lovelace. This Linda Lovelace documentary will be titled Inferno.

Anna Faris:

Anna Faris

Sam Rockwell has been tipped to star in Inferno. Anna Faris said she is in discussions to play the porn actress Linda Lovelace.

Linda Lovelace:

Linda Lovelace

Sam Rockwell:

Sam Rockwell

Anna Faris interview video.

Oct 6 2011 – Anna Faris and Chris Pratt have a cat who’s 15 years old. Pratt went on Twitter to advertize their intention to give away their aged feline for adoption. The cat has incontinence and does the business all over the house. Pratt said they wanted to start a family and could not have poop with a young baby in the home. He denied being ungrateful and abandoning the cat in her old age. Pratt said he found a good home for the cat, even though Twitter fans have largely criticized him for using the website to “dump” his old pet.

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