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Jun 062009

Anna Corbin was found murdered in Preston Castle, Ione, Amador County, California. Anna Corbin was the housekeeper of Preston Castle when she was found dead inside the castle, in 1957. Preston Castle was built in 1890 and was being used as a reform school for boys back then. It was called the “Preston School of Industry”. In 1960, when the school closed down, the Castle became vacant.

Anna Corbin was found dead in 1957. Corbin was supposedly in the kitchen of Preston castle, when she was forcibly dragged into the basement. Corbin died from blows to her head and body. She had a cord around her neck. Corbin’s killer wanted her dead beyond doubt.

At the time of Corbin’s death, she was believed to have been murdered by an inmate of the Reform School. There was a suspect and he was tried in a few trials but no one was found guilty of killing Anna Corbin. Eventually, no one could be convicted for the murder of Anna Corbin.

Anna Corbin’s ghost is rumored to be haunting Preston Castle.

Preston Castle is rumored to haunted. Its 45 minutes away from both Sacramento and Stockton, if you travel by car. Prestob Castle is located at the end of Palm Drive, off Highway 104.

Like many rumored haunted Castles, Preston Castle is open for public tours every first and third Saturday of the month. There are also weekend sleepovers for those who are interested to experience the spookiness of sleeping in an ancient castle.

Zak Bagans, one of the presenters of Ghost Adventures, was influenced when he went to Preston Castle in 2009/ 2010. Her spirit was rumored to be haunting Preston Castle. Zak said he felt he wasn’t alone at Preston Castle. It was almost as if he was being possessed. Zak said he had strange feelings that a different personality had taken over him. Zak said he thought a presence was trying to protect him and the others in the Ghost Adventures group. Zak told his colleagues Aaron and Nick not to enter the basement, where Anna Corbin died.

Preston Castle photo.

There was another woman with the name of Anna Corbin. She was associated with the Corbin and Moore-Turner Heritage Gardens, in Spokane.

Anna Corbin was born in Sweden. Anna’s father reloacted to America when she was 12 years old. Anna traveled with her dad and stayed in Spokane. Anna was enroled into the Fort Edward Collegiate School, in New York. Anna studied there for 1 year, before she had to attend another school. Anna’s next school was the Miss Ely’s finishing school, in New York. Anna liked her studies and did her University at the Columbia Unicersity. Anna worked fro Daniel Corbin as his housekeeper. Mr Corbin paid for her education. He was already married but his wife lived overseas, in Europe.

Anna later married Daniel Corbin. She realized the value of a good education. Anna helped her brothers and sisters in Sweden to emigrate into America. The siblings were old and it was too late for them to get good education but Anna helped her nieces and nephews to get proper schooling.

Anna Corbin almost adopted her nephew Alfred Larson. His parents sent him to live with Anna because he was sickly and needed more attention. Alfred grew up in tyhe Corbin household. Daniel Corbin died in 1918 and Ann awas banned by law from adopting Alfred because the law forbade single women/ widows from adopting.

A few years later, in 1921, Anna Corbin was accused of burning the Corbin house. Anna and her chauffeur, Louis Lilje, were accused to be in a conspiracy to destroy the Corbin home. The alleged motive was to collect insurance from the property. Anna denied the charge and pleaded not guilty. Later on, Anna said she was forced to burn the home because Lilje threatened to harm her nephew Alfred Larson and herself.Anna was suspected of having carried on an illicit relationship with Lilje. Anna Corbin and Louis Lilje were tried at a trial. Her health suffered terribly. Both were later acquitted. Anna had a nervous breakdown and was admitted into a mental institution. The Eastern State Hospital became Ms Corbin’s home for 3 years. Ms Corbin was discharged in 1924.

Anna Corbin thought she could lease out her old Corbin home as a sanatarium. The City Commission slammed her request. Ms Corbin changed it to become a boarding house.

By 1945, Anna Corbin and Alfred Larson found they were unable to maintain the huge house. They were worried about their ability to pay property taxes. Ms Corbin then tranferred the deed of Corbin house to the Spokane Park Board. The Board gave Ms Corbin $15,000 and gave her the freedom to stay at the property for life. Corbin retained her ownership of the houses on the surrounding land.

Ms Corbin did not live long after transferring the deed of the house. She died in 1950, on April 26. Ms Corbin was 79 years old at the time of her death.

Her nephew, Larson, lived in a carriage house on the grounds, until he could afford to buy a new home for himself and his family. Larson sold all the Corbin properties to the city. The city tore down the old carriage home, to make way for the construction of the Ben Garnett Way.

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  1. I went to Preston Castle last night (8/12/11) for a 25 person ghost hunt from 5:00 PM-4:00 AM, and we all were in the basement where Anna was found, we were talking to a spirit I forgot who but suddenly I felt a huge sense of dread come over me. Every sense in me said get the hell out of there. Shortly after all this began I heard a voice in my ear, I couldn’t hear it clearly while the voice was in my ear felt a soft touch on my shoulder. I’ll tell you this I’m sensitive to the Paranormal, I can see what others can’t, and I can hear what no one can. I felt completely drained, even while saying this i still feel slightly light and without energy. But as fair warning never go into the basement of Preston, unless your prepared for the worst kind and best kind of activity.

  2. Who can explain when the soul in cold storage comes out again? It did not pass on but stayed in limbo. If you talk to it three times, it is still not ready to appear, it means it has its reasons. Don’t you understand how it is?

  3. Does anyone know more about this story? I have a couple of questions if someone can answer them.

  4. Anna corbins death was sad, but i think i have a feeling that i know who killed her. the attepmted escapees joe lopez and samuel goins. im still searching for the death date of samuel goins and joe lopez. i was watching ghost adventures and started to put it together. nick got the feeling they were close to something, arron got scaratched by samuel goins who is the one scatching people, then sizzeling in the once used kicthen. put it together and it shows Samuel Goins might have killed Anna Corbin.

  5. I work overnights at the.castle and know a lot about anna corbin and the history….email me if u have questions californiagirl_usa_04@yahoo.com

  6. Hello, I would also like to know the history behind the death of Anna Corbin,family,trial and suspects as well as family and employment at Preston Castle, please reply back or post it here on this website as I’m researching the story behind it all, and more of the paranormal activity that goes on at Preston Castle to know if the accusations are true.

  7. I would like to know more about Anna Corbin. Her age, her employment at Preston Castle. And the trial. And Anna’s family.

    I appreciate your time in e-mailing me back.

    Sincerely, Cindy

  8. i would like to know more the full history about the castle..

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