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Jul 272009

Anna Chlumsky married Shaun So. Anna Chlumsky, whose best known work is My Girl and its sequel, My Girl 2, is now married. Chlumsky is making a comeback after a long break from acting. Chlumsky will be in The Good Guy, a romantic comedy. Her co-star is Alexis Bledel.

Anna Chlumsky & Shaun So before their marriage:
Shaun So is the fiancé of Anna Chlumsky, the actress from “My Girl”. Shaun So is an Army Reserve soldier who has served in Afghanistan. Mr So is from a Chinese American family. It will be a wedding with bi-cultural traditions as Chlumsky wants to infuse both Chinese and her Catholic elements.

The senior Mr So, father of Shaun, is a chef. Chlumsky’s father is also a chef so they will organize an excellent wedding meal for their guests.

Chlumsky said they will follow some customs of a Chinese wedding, like giving red envelopes filled with money, to kids. Anna and Shaun will have a tea pouring ceremony to serve tea to both sides of their families.

Anna Chlumsky was born on December 3, in 1980. Chlumsky’s hometown is in Chicago, Illinois. Chlumsky’s parents are Nancy Chlumsky and Frank Chlumsky. Her cousin is Vik Foxx, also known as Vikki Foxx, a drummer with the band, The Veronicas.

Anna Chlumsky became famous when she acted in “My Girl”. Chlumsky was Vada Sultenfuss in the 1991 movie. My Girl was a great hit that encouraged a sequel called “My Girl 2”, released in 1994. There was talk about another movie, My Girl 3, or potentially named “Still My Girl”, but this project has yet to be confirmed.

Apart from My Girl and the spinoffs, Anna Chlumsky has acted in various TV series and movies.

What does Anna Chlumsky like to do besides acting? She loves horses and paleontology. Previously, Anna thought that the acting career would not pan out for her. She considered working with horses or studying fossils.

Why did Anna Chlumsky disappear from the limelight?
Anna Chlumsky said she was glad she survived the transition from being a child actress, into an adult actress. She said she had a low self esteem during her early teen years. Chlumsky said she thought taking a break helped her to get over the difficult period, when she wasn’t sure she could survive being an actress in Hollywood. She took time off to discover what life held for her, away from acting. She built her foundations for her life, before she realized she wanted to return to her childhood love, which was acting.

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