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Jan 302009

Updated Jan 12 2011 – Anna Chapman has a new entertainment gig as the host of a weekly TV show on Russian TV. The show is called “Secrets of the World With Anna Chapman”.

Chapman’s TV show will premiere on Jan 21, on REN-TV, a private TV channel, in Russia.

Chapman’s first episode is called Reality and it exposes hoaxes, mysteries and unusual phenomena.

Dec 25 2010 – Anna Chapman was featured in Playboy January 2011, the Russian edition. Chapman posed nude for Playboy. The cameraman was familiar to her, being one of her former boyfriends.

Vladimir Putin didn’t mind that his young protégé has posed naked for Playboy. Chapman has been appointed to head a leading position in a youth branch of Putin’s political party. Chapman is the new head of a subdivision of the Young Guard, the youth division of Putin’s United Russia political party.

Anna Chapman in Playboy – picture link.

Nov 13 2010 – Colonel Shcherbakov, formerly the chief of the U.S. sector of Russian intelligence agency SVR’s Directorate S, is wanted by the Kremlin. Colonel Shcherbakov has been blamed for exposing 9 Russian spies. Russia has allegedly put up a bounty for the elimination of her traitor.

Oct 22 2010 – Anna Chapman is featured on the cover of Maxim, Russia, for November 2010. Chapman has a new iPhone application, and a new job as an IT expert in a Russian bank, the FondServisBank. Chapman’s app is called “Poker with Anna Chapman”.

Sep 2010: Anna Chapman once dated Dennis Hirdt, Russell Terlecki, Bill Staniford, Matthew Haines … and maybe some more men who weren’t mentioned in news reports. Look at their pictures at the link.

Aug 26 2010 – Anna Chapman messed up after getting excited posing for Heat magazine. Anna leaked pictures of Heat magazine’s photography session and the mag has threatened to sue her. Chapman posted Heat’s pictures on her Facebook, then back paddled after she got into trouble.

July 25 2010 – Marcus Read, 37, a artist from the UK, claimed he had a torrid love relationship with Anna Chapman before she left him to be with Alex Chapman.

Vladimir Putin said he met the 10 accused Russian spies in Moscow. Russian Prime Minister Putin said he enjoyed a singing session with Anna Chapman and 9 other alleged spies, with accompanying live music. Putin said they sang “From Where The Motherland Begins”, which was the unofficial anthem of Russian intelligence officers. Putin said a Russian, Sergei Tretyakov, betrayed the 10 spies.

July 24 2010 – Anna Chapman has been made into two types of dolls by Herobuilders.com. One doll is called “The Spy I Could Love” while the other is a Chapman version of the Predator doll. The former is a sexy, topless doll dressed is a mini skirt. The Anna Chapman Predator doll shows the lady dressed in a short top cut off at the midriff, and long pants.

July 21 2010 – Anna Chapman has refused Vivid Entertainment’s offer to become a porn star. Chapman wants to preserve her reputation as she is considering a political career.

A source said Anna Chapman was unhappy that the UK government took steps to kick her out of the country.

July 19 2010 – Adult Entertainment company Vivid Entertainment President, Steve Hirsch, has offered Anna Chapman, 28, a role in a porn flick. Hirsch extended his offer via Chapman’s lawyer in New York. The attorney will contact Anna Anya Kuschenko Chapman in Moscow or anywhere in Russia, to convey the offer.

July 16 2010 – Anna Anya Kuschenko Chapman will be promoted as a candidate for a seat in Duma, in the next parliamentary elections in 2012, in Russia. Alexander Potapov, the Head of Volgograd’s chapter of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, is behind the push for Kuschenko Chapman to become a politician. Volgograd (old name Stalingrad) is Chapman’s hometown. Anna Chapman may become a famous Russian politician.

July 10 2010 – Goodbye Anna Chapman! British Home Secretary Theresa May will revoke Chapman’s British citizenship and passport. Anna Chapman will be on a secret list of people who are banned from entering the UK. Chapman’s old email to her ex boyfriend in Moscow said her marriage to Alex Chapman was a sham. Anna lived with Alex for only the first year of their marriage, before she moved to London to live on her own.

Anna Chapman had been debriefed by Moscow and has seen her father Vasily, mother Irina and sister Katya.

July 10 2010 – Tough as nails Russian spy Anna Chapman messaged her sister that their flight from US had landed in Russia, via Vienna. Chapman had vowed to return to the UK after she settles her personal affairs in Moscow. Meanwhile, the UK authorities are scrambling to find excuses to refuse entry to Anna Chapman when she tries to re-enter the UK.

July 9 2010 – Ten Russian spies appeared in court in New York to plead guilty to charges involving spying. After they were confirmed as spies, they were deported to Russia. Ten Russian spies were swapped for 4 spies who worked for America and had been imprisoned in Russia. Anna Chapman was one of the ten Russian spies deported. Ms Chapman has promised to return to the UK as she wants to live there.

July 8 2010 – Ten Russian spies in Spy Swap: Spy Swap updates
Igor Sutyagin, a convicted Russian spy behind bars, told his brother Dmitry Sutyagin, he was going to be freed in a spy swap between Russia and the US. Sutyagin, a Russian arms control analyst, believed he would be sent to Vienna, and then London.

The ten alleged Russian spies arrested in the US have been sent to New York, where they would likely plead guilty in court. Russian spies are likely to face deportation so a spy swap rumor may be true.

The lawyers for the 10 Russian spies said they believed their clienst would get resolution on Thursday, July 8.

A journalist called Sutyagin’s family to say he saw him walking off a plane in Vienna, on Thursday, July 8, 2010. Sutyagin’s lawyer received the tip but she said the Russian officials didn’t confirm Sutyagin’s release. Sutyagin, arrested in 1999, stood trial, and was originally sentenced in 2004 to serve 14 years in prison. Sutyagin had denied the spy charges against him. Russians accused Sutyagin of providing information to a BRitish company, which was allegedly a front for the US’s CIA.

The US and Russia have refused to talk publicly on the alleged spy swap. Sutyagin allegedly told his relatives 11 convicted spies in Russia would be in a spy swap.

Lefortovo, in Moscow, allegedly housed convicted spies. Early Thursday morning, many armored vehicles arrived and left Lefortovo.

Alleged Russian spies recently arrested in US are:
Vicky Pelaez
Juan Lazaro
Anna Chapman
Cynthia Murphy
Richard Murphy
Mikhail Semenko
Michael Zottoli
Patricia Mills
Donald Howard Heathfield
Tracey Lee Ann Foley

June 29 2010 – Anna Chapman, or Anya Kuschenko, the alleged Russian spy, is 28 years old. Chapman, a divorcee, is a masters graduate in Economics. After her marriage, she took her ex-husband’s surname to appear more European.

Chapman traveled widely as her excuse was her real estate business. Chapman lives in a high end apartment in the prestigious Financial District. Almost every female spy is beautiful and Chapman is no exception.

An undercover FBI agent asked Anna “Anya” Chapman to deliver a fake passport to a female agent but Chapman didn’t do it. Chapman probably knew she was being set up in a sting operation, or she could be planning to retain the fake passport for her own use. Chapman was arrested before she flew out to Russia.

Spying carries a maximum conviction sentence of 5 years. Money laundering carries a maximum of 20 years in prison.

Anna Chapman’s mother is Irina, 51, and she lives in Moscow. Irina denied that her daughter was a Russian spy. Chapman was born in Kharkov, of Ukraine. Chapman spent her childhood in Vollgograd, the former Stalingrad, in south of Russia. Anna studied economics at the University of People’s Friendship, in Moscow. This University has links with the old KGB.

Anna Chapman allegedly married a British man and lived in the UK from 2003 to 2008. Chapman worked in Barclays, Navigator Asset Management Advisers, in Mayfair, NetJets Europe. Chapman speaks English and Russian, French and German.

Barclays initially denied Chapman’s claim of having worked there. However, after a prolonged check, they admitted Chapman worked at their office although the period and duration of her working stint was not what she had declared.

Anna Chapman bought a second phone in Brooklyn using an alias, Irine Kutsov, of 99 Fake Street.

Anna Chapman’s real name is Anya Kuschenko. Her father is Vasily Kuschenko, an important Russian envoy. Although Anna Chapman claimed to be a divorcee who took her ex-husband’s surname, no one seemed to know about her former husband.

Updated – About Alex Chapman, ex-husband of Anna Anya Chapman.

Alex Chapman, 30, has started talking about his ex-wife, Anya or Anna Kushchenko. Alex said the M15 has interviewed him about his ex-wife.

Chapman said he was married to Kushchenko for 4 years before they divorced in 2006.

Mr Chapman is now a trainee psychiatrist, while helping his mother run a holiday cottage rental business. The cottage is in New Forest.

Alex said he met Anya/ Anna at a party in London’s Docklands, in 2001. It was an underground rave party. Mr Chapman was a student just out from Bradfield College, in Berkshire, and had been working in a recording studio when he met Anna.

Alex, then 21, and Anna, then 19, had barely dated for a few weeks when he proposed to her.

Alex said they eloped by marrying without informing their parents. Mr Kuschenko, Anna’s father, paid for their honeymoon in Egypt.

The newly weds had a fortnight long honeymoon. Then, they visited Anna’s parents who were then staying in Zimbabwe at that time.

Alex and Anna returned to England after their African trip. Anna slowly changed and became concerned about money. Alex said he suspected Anna was being persuaded by her father to participate in some Russian projects as she went out to meet Russian friends.

Alex said Mr Vasily Kuschenko had a high level of security as he had a protective convoy of two vehicles which flanked his when he traveled out in his car.

Irene Kuschenko, Anna’s mother, was a Math teacher. Alex met Irene in 2002, in Volgograd, when they attended a family member’s funeral. Volgograd was where Anna grew up in.

After Anna got divorced and moved to New York, she was allegedly dating a rich divorcee. He was rumored to be Michel Bittan, a millionaire from New Jersey.

Katya Kuschenko, Anna Chapman’s sister.

Katya Kuschenko, the younger sister of Anya Anna Kuschenko Chapman, dated a US diplomat’s son. Katya dated Nathan Joseff, then 15, about 10 years ago. Nathan’s mother is Lena, the deputy chief of the US Embassy in Zimbabwe.

Lena Joseff had to inform her supervisors that her son Nathan was dating a Russian girl. The FBI had to run background checks and learned about the rest of the Kuschenko family. The FBI had set Katya and Anya in their sight ever since then. Anya was known to the FBI since about 10 years ago.

Nathan Joseff has a half brother, Matthew. Nathan and Matthew share the same mother Lena Joseff.

Nathan Joseff and Lena Joseff refused to comment on Katya Kuschenko.

Michael Bittan refused to talk publicly about his alleged romance with Anna Chapman.

Updated –
As predicted, Anya Kuschenko/ Anna Chapman, was suspicious when a fake Russian agent approached her to hand over the forged passport to another spy. Anna consulted her father, who Alex said was a former KGB spy. According to her lawyer, Mr Vasily Kuschenko advised Anna to surrender the fake passport to the police. Both Vasily and Anna suspected the passport operation was a sting and in order to exonerate Anna, she should handover the document to the police, to “prove” her innocence as a suspected Russian spy.

Alex Chapman had described Anna as being very intelligent, with an IQ of over 160. Mr Vasily had spent years, or his entire lifetime in the service of Russian intelligence and they could have called other Russians to verify the order before executing it. The FBI’s sting failed miserably to rope in Anna and expose her cover as a spy. How embarrassing for them.

Anna Chapman used to work for Ken Sharpe, 38, boss of Southern Union. Mrs Chapman transferred millions of pounds between the UK and Zimbabwe.

Ken Sharpe lives in Zimbabwe and has a Russian wife named Joanna, who was an ex-belly dancer. When contacted, Mr Sharpe denied being involved with Southern Union in the UK.

Alex Chapman was made a director of Southern Union but after his divorce from Anna, he was asked to resign from his post as the company director. Mr Chapman claimed he was told to transfer money from the UK to Zimbabwe and re-distribute the lump sums of money into different bank accounts.

The Southern Union has a new director named Steven Sugden, who lives in Dublin, Ireland. Sugden denied being a director of the money transfer company. He claimed his name was listed as a director without his knowledge.

Alex Chapman said his marriage ended in divorce in 2006 after Anna changed and wanted a luxurious lifestyle. She had tasted the power of money after working at Southern Union and wanted to move to the US for a faster pace of life and earn more money.

Anna initially pawned her jewelry to set up her real estate company in the US, whose website is domdot.ru After struggling for 2 to 3 years, Anna obtained a $1 million grant from Russia’s Department of Support for Small Business and Agency for Developing Innovative Business. Suddenly, Anna was telling Alex she was able to hire 50 people to work at her real estate agency. The property company is being investigated as a possible front for money laundering to hide the large amounts of money transfers between Russia and the US.

Anna Chapman, alleged Russian spy.

Anna Chapman

Anna Chapman, one of the accused Russian spies.

Anna Chapman

Anna Chapman, one of the 11 accused Russians, who may be a spy.

Anna Chapman

Anna Chapman, allegedly spying for Russia.

Anna Chapman

Other alleged Russian spies who were arrested:

Christopher Robert Metsos accused Russian spy: Christopher Robert Metsos updates

Cynthia Murphy & Richard Murphy accused Russian spies updates (photo)

Mikhail Semenko accused Russian spy: Mikhail Semenko updates (photo)

Donald Howard Heathfield Russian spy: Donald Heathfield updates


Tracey Lee Ann Foley alleged Russian spy: Ann Foley updates (photo

Vicky Pelaez & husband Juan Lazaro are suspected Russian spies.

Patricia Mills Natalia Pereverzeva & Michael Zottoli Mikhail Kutzik: Mills Pereverzeva & Zottoli Kutzik

The story below is probably about another woman with the same name, Anna Chapman.

Jan 30 2009 – Anna Chapman & Ron Perelman: Chapman dating Perelman (photo)
Anna Chapman is the girlfriend of Ron Perelman. Anna Chapman was with Perelman when they bumped into Perelman’s ex wife, Ellen Barkin. Barkin threw a glass of water in his face. Barkin told Chapman “I feel sorry for you that you have to (bleep) him tonight.”

Ellen Barkin is the executive producer and actress in a pilot film about a woman who had a high profile marriage, divorce and moving back into the dating. The film is a thinly disguised movie on her marriage with Ron Perelman and their divorce.

Anna Chapman & Ron Perelman gossip story.

Ellen Barkin’s photo is at the above link.

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