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Mar 152009

Ann Miller Kontz sentenced for Eric Miller’s death. It was a strange play of fate that determined the destinies of Ann and Eric. Eric Miller died on Dec 2 2000. Miller’s death was mysterious. Miller was an UNC pediatric AIDS researcher. Police did not suspect his wife, Ann Miller Kontz, until they discovered an alleged affair between Ann Miller Kontz and her colleague, Derril Willard.

Willard refused to be interviewed by investigators. Willard committed suicide on Jan 22, 2001. In May 2004, North Carolina’s Supreme Court ordered Wiillard’s lawyer to reveal information that Willard shared with him about Miller’s death. The attorney revealed that Willard told him Kontz injected arsenic/poison into Miller’s IV line in hospital. Kontz had remarried a new husband.

By September 2004, Kontz was indicted. Subsequently, Ann Miller Kontz pleaded guilty to second degree murder and conspiracy to commit first degree murder. Kontz admitted she poisoned Eric Miller with arsenic before his death. Kontz was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Kontz’s projected date of release is September 2029. Kontz will be 59 years by then.

Kontz and Miller had a daughter named Clare Miller. The girl is under the shared custody of Kontz’s sister and husband, and Eric Miller’s parents.

What is the meaning of the name Ann?
This name means grace or favor from God. The British English spelling of the name is Anne. Ann is a variation of the longer name Hannah. In German, the name Ann means: name of a king.

What is the meaning of the name Eric?
This name means eternal ruler. It is strange that a female named with kingly connotations killed a male whose name meant eternal ruler. A traditional astrologer might say it was a battle of rulers. The defeated ruler died in the hands of another king. This is only a hypothetical analysis based on the names of Ann and Eric.

There is a long story with photos and details here. The story was featured in CBS’s  “48 Hours”.

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  25 Responses to “Ann Miller Kontz sentenced for Eric Miller’s death (photos)”

  1. News flash. *he was a cheater too* did he deserve this? No. Did he play in the mud. Yes.

  2. Husband and wife can’t conceive. Wife figures out way to conceive, but hates husband for his inadequacy and for “forcing” her to make a shameful choice. Wife hates husband for believing baby is his own. Wife needs to eliminate husband in fantasy that biologic father will marry her and then they will make the “correct” family for precious daughter.

  3. To those of you who don’t believe that she did it is exactly why she was successful in the deed. A murderer is not ever going to be obvious otherwise their plan will fail for sure. As far as being Christian, I’ve seen more stories of them being guilty of murder & using their faith as the reason why they couldn’t possibly be guilty. Another remarkable thing I’ve noticed on television shows telling the stories of such acts of despicable nature is that quite a majority seem to happen in bible belt states & particularly in North Carolina. I’m just contented to be a non-Christian & reside very nicely in Massachusetts where people don’t start out their sentences with “I’m a good Christian person”. Such hypocrisy is extremely scary.

  4. They sentenced an innocent woman. an extreme penalty for adultery. Willard was a nut and sole murderer. His suicide is very telling.

  5. I just saw the 48 Hours episode. Afterwards, I read several articles on the murder and Ann Miller Kontz. I have yet to read anywhere what, if at all, she says was her reason for killing her husband. Has she ever said?

  6. I actually met Ann after she moved to Wilmington NC, through her 2nd husband, Paul. At the time I had no idea of the case or could have ever imagined that this woman could be involved in such a nightmare. She was soooo sweet and not sexy at all, as the TV shows have conveyed. If she thought she was, she was sadly mistaken. She seemed more like a goody-goody. Once I did learn of the pending investigation I was so shocked and didn’t believe it at all. My husband and I stood by her, because what little her husband said, it was made out to be like she was just a scapegoat. I even had lunch with her and she never seemed to let on that anything was amiss in her life. She NEVER talked about it or even told me one word about her first husband or being investigated, which I later found odd. The day she admitted in court what she did, my heart sank, I felt duped, I will never trust my instimcts again. I think everyone including her current husband believed in her until she finally admitted in court what she’d done. I don’t think she ever told him and that when he heard it in court was the first time. It is so scary how normal and sweet she seemed. So scary that I believed. And I am an educated, christian woman. The fact that all along she acted like she was too, yet was having affairs and living so many lies is so infuriating. But I guess it was a good cover for her. God Bless all of her victims, which also includes each member of all famlies involved and anyone who bought her Sociopathic BS. Believe me, if you met her, you’d understand why she had so much support. She was very coy.

  7. yes teacher , the brier family IS trash….period. it’s not that they “stood by her when they believed her”, i’d believe my family member as well. it’s that they still stand by her after they know she’s guilty. …and yes she’s paying a price, but not even close to what she should be paying for this hideous crime. like i said, if you can’t execute this woman then u can’t execute anybody. there’s nothing to salvage for her daughter either. she knows and understands what her evil mother did, there’s nothing to salvage. her disgusting excuse for a mother made sure of that. the only thing her daughter should worry about is if she’s really her father’s kid. if i was her i’d be running, not walking, to the nearest dna facility to find out……and sure a lot of these posts are based on emotion, but nobody here is twisting any facts. the facts ARE emotional, but they are the facts. this pig knowingly planned and carried out her husbands murder for no purpose except pure evil. those facts we know, THAT’S a fact….and as long as those remain the facts, it’s more than plenty to make judgments. there’s something really wrong with u if you DON’T judge this ugly excuse for a woman. her daughter is better off without her, that’s another fact. i don’t know why eric’s family would allow ann’s family to even get near his daughter, let alone change her name.

  8. I have known the Brier family for years (that’s Ann’s maiden name) and I have to say that they are not trash as so many of you have written. They stood by her because they believed her. Wouldn’t we all believe our family member if they swore to us they were telling the truth? Yes, she is a murderer and she is paying the price, but to attack her family is ridiculous. They are good people who are trying to salvage everything for the daughter. ONly those who know and can see what has happened should post. Otherwise, it’s just emotion, not fact.

  9. This is a very scary story to me!!! That woman looks so normal , very cute and sweet looking!!! And then to hear what she did to her husband while he was recovering in the hospital, I can’t think of anything more diabolical and cruel!!! I work as a nurse, and even I would not have been able to protect Eric if his own wife, the person he should be able to trust most of all, plans to inject a lethal substance in his IV!!! By the way, the older I get, I am glad I stayed single!!! Marriage can be dangerous if you choose the wrong person!!! God be with the Miller family as they endure this loss and God protect the little girl as well!!!

  10. She had hella good attorneys and she didn’t even need money.. her family was wealthy. She had degree in biology and science. She didn’t need money.. She’s just street rat crazy!!!

  11. I just saw it today, on New Years Day 2011, on a show called 48 Hours/Mystery. I knew from the photos that Eric Miller was a great guy, son, brother, husband… he would’ve been a wonderful father. I pray for his family and daughter, Claire Miller (her last name should stay that way). I hope that Ann get what she deserves, and that Eric’s success would spread, influence and inspire others. I’m just a recent eighteen year old who has aspergers. But I just hate how the system works. I pray that in at least ten years from now, I can reach out to families like Eric’s. Life is so unfair… yet one has to pave a way to conquer the overbearing weight of living.

  12. I have talked to many attorneys and used attorneys on occasion. They talk a good talk and are very greedy. For the most part their loyalty is based on how much money the client pays them. Our society seemingly can’t function without them and I admit attorneys have helped me in the past but if our society was moral in every way we would not need such folks. Why the attorney for Mr. Willard felt there was any attorney client privaledge for a dead man is beyong me. What could he possibly say that jeapordizes a dead client that the world had already assumed was guilty. It’s not like he was going to ruin his reputation further. This attorney was trash and knowingly protected a murderer. There should be a charge for such an act or at least a method of disbarment. I encourage the people of Releigh NC never to use this attorney, unless of course you need to cover up a murder. Good Day, Joe.

  13. First let me address this attorney client, priest confessor, or doctor patient privalege rule. There is no way a murder should be allowed to be covered up using these rules. No way. That attorney should have been compelled by some substantive legal principle to tell the police what he knows. A law should be implemented or written by experts that force those people of trust to report heinous acts such as murder or attempted murder. Where life is apparently on the line all lawyers, priest, and doctors should be forced, by rule of law, to report to the police anything that could save a life or catch those who have taken a life. You can write the law in a way where other crimes are not included in such a law. As for why this evil woman killed such an ovbiously kind, and by womens standards, handsome young man, one will never know. I am surprised that the killers family had anything but visitation rights but our justice system is never fair to the men. Men are victims far more than society likes to admit. Yes women are still the most victimized but in some cases, like this ome, women are more diobolical and dangerous. Ann Miller killed her husband, a man many women would love to have, for what? Thats the question no one will ever know. No obvious signs of abuse so why did she kill her wonderful husband? Because she lacks something, she lacks love and emotion and only cares for her self. Some how Eric was in the way? Ann Miller is a sociopath and a danger to all around her. The best we can hope for is that she dies in prison. Good Day

  14. I think that she should spend the rest of her life behind bars. That is a cold-hearted bitch to stand there and give him another dose in the hospital. Eric Miller was a very handsome and from what I can see and very loving husband and father. I hope she dies in prison.

  15. I attended the same church as these two in Raleigh and no one wanted to believe this story was true. That Ann Miller was capable of murdering this amazing man, researcher and father. What she did to her husband and the father of her child is beyond comprehension. Then to ruin the life of another family with the affair and suicide of her lover. That wife and daughter came home to their husband/father who killed himself in the garage while horrified news crews looked on. They found out she had another affair, besides her co-worker in California too. She did not deserve Eric Miller and everyone knew it. I pray for their daughter Claire that she is raised by the Miller family with no connection to her mother’s family. They stood by their muderous daughter and sister. I never had the priviledge of meeting the Miller family and have only seen them in the news coverage. They have a great loss to bear. Know that Eric Miller will always be remembered for the good he did and his legacy will live on through his daughter and not the tragic way his life was cut short.

  16. I just can’t believe this evil thing only got 25 – 31-1/2 years behind bars. I hope the sisters of Eric will be there for each and every parole hearing and I hope that they blackball her to the daughter so the daughter will never want anything to do with her OR THE MOTHER’S FAMILY.

  17. Psychotic mental illness can be subtle and dangerous as we saw here. A consciousness in boundaries are well formed for activities of daily living but for others they are not as she displays. It’s such a shock to see someone you think is normal do something like this.

  18. no donnie , the da had plenty of evidence against this cunt . the only reason there was a deal made is because eric’s family stupidly didn’t want the kids to have to be able to see their mother . as if that would have made a difference in any way , shape , or form in the future of these kids . they already knew what a disgusting pig their mother is and what she did , i’m sure they’d make that decision for themselves regardless . if i knew my mother killed my father i’d never want to see or speak to her again . bottom line , i guess 25 years is better than nothing , and she had to admit to the murder so there’d never be any doubt for her kids or anybody what evil trash their mother is . i think they certainly had all the evidence they needed to convict her. everybody knew she was guilty anyway , it was all over the media , so she didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of not being convicted . you had to have an iq hovering around 75 to think she was innocent . this woman should have gotten the death penalty …. period. she’s the poster child for it . if we can’t execute her , then we can’t execute anybody . i’ll take 25 years though , and hope and pray somebody either kills her in prison or shoots her in the head as she walks out of prison . .

  19. this crazy woman is nuts!!! I don’t even think she was pretty nd the dumbass she chose as a patsy thought she was hott? makes no sense. her daughter doesn’t have either parents now. Her deceased husband was hott and way to good for her!

  20. Any man convicted of the same crime would get life without the possibility of release. Lets face facts a semi cute face, a mouth, and vagina still go a long way.The footsteps of adultery lead to death,and in this case a couple of them. We should not feel that the murderess Anne has received a good deal, God will correct this situation. I do have great empathy for the all families involved,the murdered husband,the stupid dead boyfriend, and the new husband that this clever temptress nabbed. My regret in all this is that I really wish that the same sentences were handed down to women that kill their husbands. Most of these murderess women are more scary, cold, and calculated than the man that has been pushed over the edge and just flips in an instant. When will our court system realize this? Thanks for reading Art

  21. Jeff, they really didn’t have much evidence because his family fell for her manipulation & let her have him cremated. The only person that could hurt her committed suicide. He told his attorney what happened & the only evidence they had was the attorney’s statement & he made them take it to the NC Supreme Court before he would testify. The truth is the DA or family never believed a jury would convict her & I don’t either after seeing the 48 HRS story. On top of that there were legal issues about using the dead man’s attorney’s statement that the DA & his family thought would get turned over on appeal. They essentially bluffed her into pleading guilty or they were going to go for the death penalty. They took what they could get & are happy she was dumb enough to go for the bluff. Otherwise, she would have gotten away with it. They had evidence of the affair but not the poisoning. Her family is nothing but trash, Her sister shares custody with Eric’s parents. Her sister has physical custody & is trying to get his daughter’s last name changed to Wilson the sister’s last name. She claims it will help Clare feel like she belongs to their family. I say BS, she has been robbed of her dad know the sister is trying to take his name from his little girl.

  22. I just watched a re-run of “Snapped” on Oxygen. I have actually seen this a couple of times as well as other reports.
    It just makes me sick that this woman was able to carry on an affair while married, she murders her (gorgeous & brilliant)husband, then is able to build an entire new life with a new husband. Why? Because a lawyer refused to turn over Darril Willard’s conversations? Too Bad Willard was freaking dead! Who cares about attorney-client privilege when it comes to 2 men dead because of this nasty, selfish, manipulative broad? It makes me sick that she was allowed to take a deal. I don’t fault the Sheriff’s Department, as they sound sincere in the fact they wanted to burn the bitch. I don’t quite get why the DA would agree to a deal…it was a great 1st Degree case (I agree with you, Jeff) I think it’s sad that she is imprisoned for 25 years. (I hope there’s no chance at parole?)
    I feel SO MUCH for the family of Eric. It was quite obvious he was a kind and gentle soul-turning down prestige for research of pediatric AIDS.
    As I continue to watch these shows in disgust and horror, I wonder why these amazing smart, charming, and good looking men continue to fall for the same women. Each one of the women profiled in SNAPPED are the same-arrogant & egotistical with a bit of socio-psychopathic tendancies. It’s just so sad. To end, I am so glad that Eric’s parents are no longer obligated to take their grand-daughter to see the woman who murdered their baby! What a horrifying thought! May God bless all of Eric’s family and I think that your scholarships are an amazing way to carry on Eric’s memory.

  23. why the hell would this pig only serve 25 years….and furthermore, who’s the moron that charged her with 2ND degree murder. i’ve never seen a better 1st degree murder case in my life…this should have been a death penalty case. what is wrong with our idiotic countries criminal system. it’s not like they didn’t have enough evidence on her,.i mean my god , how could this guys family have let that happen, they should be ashamed of themselves.

  24. sick, sick sick. feel sorry for that poor child.

  25. F* moneygrubbing bitch!

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