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Mar 172009

There is a photo of Ann Marie Pallan located below.

Blaine Trump, the estranged sister-in-law of Donald Trump, was married to Robert Trump. Blaine and Robert are in the process of divorcing.

When Blaine Trump discovered her husband was leaving her for Ann Marie Pallan, she was upset. Blaine learned Robert bought a house on Long Island for Pallan. The house cost $3.7 million.

Blaine was upset and overdosed on pills. Blaine was hospitalized. During her stay, Robert Trump visited her daily with flowers and chocolates. Trump bought the same for the nurses too.

Blaine recovered and tried to salvage her marriage but Robert Trump refused to leave Ann Marie Pallan. Blaine eventually agreed to a divorce. Blaine wanted a private settlement out of court but Robert Trump insisted on a trial.

Source: NYPost gossip item. This link has Blaine Trump’s photo.

Ann Marie Pallan photo with her father.

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