Angela Mischelle Lawless: Lawless case news

Angela Mischelle Lawless died in 1992. A new witness, Dallas Butler, claimed he saw something on Nov 8, 1992, at around 1 am, along Interstate 55 in Benton Missouri. Dallas Butler said he saw two vehicles parked on the road. Butler saw a man standing near the woman’s car. Butler offered to help but he was told off by the man.

Dallas Butler watched a TV news report about a dead girl at the same road he encountered. Butler went to the Scott County judicial building to offer his witness account but he never heard back from the officials in charge of the case.

When Dallas Butler saw the face of a suspect, Joshua C Kezer, 18, charged for the murder of Angela Mischelle Lawless, he knew that Kezer was not the same man he saw by the side of the road.

Scott County has been contacted by Dallas Butler again. Butler said he has tried to get in touch to offer his eye witness account and possibly identify a suspect. Detectives are trying to get some photos of possible persons of interest for Butler to look at. Police have sent DNA samples from Lawless’ clothing for testing.

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