Andrew Engstrom Melissa Warren wedding video: Engstrom Warren marriage video

Andrew Paul Daniel Engstrom and Melissa Rene Warren posted their wedding vows video on youtube. Engstrom had an attack of nerves as her fumbled his words. Engstrom said he was very nervous. Warren was also nervous as she laughed at her bridegroom and she couldn’t stop laughing. The congregation seated at the wedding also burst out laughing.

What did the pastor do when the bride can’t stop laughing during the vows? What did the groom do when the bride can’t stop laughing during vows?

The pastor also had a sense of humor although he tried to look solemn during the ceremony for Melissa Warren and Andrew Engstrom.

The groom couldn’t help himself either as he was also reduced to laughter.

Andrew Engstrom Melissa Warren wedding video link.

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