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Nov 102008

Updated July 28 2009 –
Ricardo Morrison has been found guilty of killing Amy Leigh Barnes. Morrison faces sentencing on another date. For now, he knows he faces the prospect of life in prison.

Posted Nov 10 2008.

Amy Leigh Barnes, 19, was stabbed to death. A man was arrested on Sunday, November 9. He is being questioned on suspicion of murder. Amy Barnes could not be saved by doctors because of her wounds. Amy Leigh Barnes’s mother, Karyn, 40, and her stepfather, John Killiner, 36, were grieving over her death. Barnes had dated many footballers and had many friends. They left condolence messages on a Facebook tribute page.

Amy Barnes had worked as a model for Playboy, Cosmopolitan and the TV series, Hollyoaks. Pictures of Amy Leigh Barnes.

Amy Leigh Barnes, RIP.

Updated Nov. 13.

Ricardo Morrison, 21, an amateur footballer, was charged with the murder of Amy Leigh Barnes, his ex-girlfriend. Ricardo Morison had worked as an assistant coach at Birmingham’s Brazilian Soccer School, 2 years ago. He was out of the program later on but there were no details about that. Ricardo Morrison’s mother, PC Melda Wilks, a policewoman, has been arrested for allegedly helping Ricardo. The mother is an officer with the West Midlands Police.

Updated on Feb 10 2009.

PC Melda Wilks, 49 appeared in court on Feb 10 to face charges that she helped her son cover up the stabbing of Amy Barnes.Police detained Wilks on the suspicion that she disposed forensic evidence. Wilks was released on bail and she turned up for her hearing. Ricardo Morrison’s trial is on April 22 2009.

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