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Amber Hagerman, 9, was kidnapped while cycling in Arlington, Texas, on Jan. 13, 1996. Her murdered body was found 4 days later. This gave rise to the birth of the Amber Alert; a system that notifies the public when a child goes missing. Amber’s Story 2006, a TV movie, documents and immortalizes Amber Hagerman.

Pics follow.

How to be part of the Amber Alert program – click here.

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Amber Hagerman, 1

Amber Hagerman’s grave and her picture superimposed over.

Donna Norris, Amber Hagerman’s mother.

Donna Norris, Amber Hagerman’s mother.

Amber Hagerman

Amber Hagerman.

Jimmie and Glenda Whitson, Amber’s grandparents.

Jimmie and Glenda Whitson,  Amber’s grandparents.

Postage stamp to commemorate and spread awareness of the Amber Alert.

Postage stamp to commemorate and spread awareness of Amber Hagerman and the Amber Alert.

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