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Mar 252009

Sandra Cruz-Francisco, a 2 months old baby, was allegedly kidnapped by Amalia Tabata Pereira, 43. Pereira is the wife of Jose Tabata, 20, Pittsburgh Pirates minor league outfielder. The alleged crime happened in Plant City.

Rosa Sirilo-Francisco is the mother of the baby who was tricked into handing over her child to Pereira. Sirilo-Francisco and her husband, Andres Cruz declined to speak to the press. They are undocumented residents. Immigration and Customs Enforcement have not disclosed if they would be investigating them.

Frank Coonelly, the Pirates President, said the team has given attention to the serious matter.

Amalia Tabata Pereira has used the alias Alalia Rivera, Amalia Segui and Almalia Maldonado. Pereira spent 3 years in prison on an arson conviction and was released in 2003. Prior to her marriage to Jose Tabata, she had 4 children, who are now teens and adults.

There is a long story at the link. Photo of Rosa Sirilo-Francisco and her husband Andres Cruz is at the link.

Amalia Tabata Pereira photos at link.

Sandra Cruz-Francisco photo.

Video of Jose Tabata playing baseball.

Jose Tabata photo.

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