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Jun 092010

Charlene Ebge Charlo GreeneSep 22 2014 – Charlo Greene, aka Charlene Ebge, quit her job on air in live TV. Charlo said f* it, I quit. Laughter could be heard in the background. Greene said she wants Alaska’s Ballot Measure 2 to get approval. Patients would then get access to medical marijuana. Greene owns Alaska Cannabis Club, which supplies medical marijuana. For the past four months, she had been reporting on the events in the club. She finally revealed she is the owner of ACC and her reasons for quitting her TV job. Charlene Ebge said she plans to campaign for all the states to legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes. The vote will be done on November 4 2014. Bert Rudman, the boss of KTVA news station, said Charol Greene was fired for using offensive language. The pleasure of quitting was denied to Charol Greene.

Charlene Ebge/ Charlo Greene
Charlene Ebge Charlo Greene

Updated Aug 13 2010 – Alvin Greene & Camille McCoy charges
Alvin Greene has been indicted on two charges of committing obscenity. His candidacy for US Senator goes out the window.

Updated – Alvin Greene confirmed he didn’t make the rap song video but he liked the effort. The video’s credits attributed the efforts to Alvin Greene and his Dad, James Greene Sr, but anyone could have written anything there.

Greene has managed to raise $1000 for his Senate bid campaign. Earlier, he said he would make an action figure doll to sell to raise money for his campaign. A GI Alvin Greene doll may be successful.

Updated – Alvin Greene is an amateur rap artiste too! Greene wrote his own rap song to promote his campaign. Greene’s rap video showed clips of him.

“When I say Alvin, you say Greene,
Alvin Greene for Senator!” video clip below.

Jun 9 2010 –
Alvin Greene, 32, a Democrat, is a veteran who currently is jobless. Greene beat Vic Rawl to be the Dem’s Senate nominee. Alvin Greene’s name was listed alphabetically, before Vic Rawl’s name, and the voters in South Carolina may have just chosen the first Democrat’s name on the list and never scrolled down to see Vic Rawl’s name.

Greene had no campaign and nothing to suggest he would beat all other opponents but he did. Greene may be forced to drop out of the race even before starting on it because he faces criminal charges.

Greene was arrested in Nov 2009 and charged with showing obscene pictures online to a student from the University of South Carolina. Greene was slapped with the felony charge and he faces a maximum of 5 years in jail if convicted. Greene allegedly showed the explicit photos to a female student and discussed about visiting her at a university dorm.

Greene has been politely asked to consider leaving the race by the chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party, Carol Fowler. Greene has pointedly refused, saying the people of South Carolina had chosen him. Greene wants to face U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint in the November elections.

Greene is unprepared and without campaign staff, signs, slogans or buttons. He is waiting for the State and National Dem party leaders to offer him assistance and financial aid to get these done.

Greene refused to talk about his felony charge.

Rawl refused to comment on Greene as he said he wasn’t fully aware of his background.

Camille McCoy, then 18, said she called campus police when Greene harassed her. McCoy is now 19 but when the incident happened, she was just 18. McCoy claimed Greene was seated next to her in a computer lab when he talked to her and showed her a porn website.

McCoy said she told off Greene by telling him it was offensive to show her a pornography website. Greene allegedly laughed at her and suggested going to her room in the dorm.

McCoy said she was shocked to discover Greene was running for public office and had won the Dem party’s nomination to stand for election.

Alvin Greene refused to explain how he came about $10,440 to register his candidacy to stand for election. He has also refused to talk about awkward topics.

There have been many conspiracy theories on how Alvin Greene could have won. Maybe voters mistook him for the singer, Al Green.

Greene claimed he traveled South Carolina to stump and campaign to get votes but he refused to name a single place in South Carolina which he had visited.

Dear South Carolina readers, have you met Alvin Green stumping in your locality? Please tell us!

Updates –
Alvin Greene worked in the Army for 13 years. Green was a specialist in the supply and intelligence unit of the Army and Air Force. Greene worked in Korea until 2008, when he was transferred to the Army’s 1st Infantry Division in the US. Greene stayed in that post for 6 months.

An officer who used to work with Greene talked about him. Gawker did the interview. He said Greene may have a mental problem. During the past, Greene couldn’t or wouldn’t fill out a simple clerical work such as writing a receipt.

Green also showed disinterest to learn whatever he couldn’t do. He allegedly arrived to work and waited until it was time to clock out. His platoon sergeant tried to persuade Green to get some help from a doctor but it fell on deaf ears.

Green wore a military uniform that was a rank above his actual one. Green was supposed to be a Private First Class (E-3) but he wore the Specialist Rank uniform (E-4) and he couldn’t explain the discrepancy in his official recorded rank and the uniform he was wearing.

Greene has been described as a thrifty man who ate at the Army’s diner and didn’t splash on personal belongings.

Alvin Greene

Alvin Greene

Alvin M Greene

Alvin Greene

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  1. Greene likes to remind those who doubt his intellect that he graduated from the University of South Carolina in May 2000 with a degree in political science. “I am an above-average thinker,” he said.

    So what do Rev Al and Jesse think? Is Alvin a qualified college grad or the product of affirmative action?

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