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Sep 262008

Alton Desiree, of Loubiere, was a crew member of Survivor, the reality TV show. Alton Desiree has been reported as drowned in Brazil.

The newspaper reported a woman crew of Survivor telephoned Mrs. Alton Desiree to inform her that her husband had died. Mrs Desiree told the interviewer that her husband left her for work on September 9. Alton Desiree reported to his work station on the set of Survivor. His wife did not hear from him again until a telephone call came that told her Desiree was gone forever.

What happened to Desiree? How did he drown? Alton Desiree had been instructed to go underwater to fix something for the show. Desiree did not surface. Someone from the Survivor crew went down in the water to search for Alton Desiree. It was too late as Desiree was found drowned.

Alton Desiree was living in the Commonwealth of Dominica. He traveled to Brazil to work on the set of Survivor. His wife, Susa (or Susan) told her story. She expected Alton would take 2 days to get settled down in Brazil before he contacted her. Alton Desiree did not get a chance to call his wife. Susa said she could use mind communication (as in telepathy) to talk to him. One night, Susa felt uneasy. The next day, she received the call from an Australian woman who was Alton’s boss. This lady relayed the unfortunate message that Alton Desiree drowned.

The news report on Desiree was not available in full.

Our condolences to Mrs. Desiree. Prayers and thoughts to the Desiree family, the crew and cast of Survivor.

Alton Desiree, RIP.


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  7 Responses to “Alton Desiree: Alton Desiree, crew of Survivor, drowned”

  1. after hearing of alton death with what i know about those people it looks very suspicious to me it looks like this was a human sacrifice..but time will tell as we learn more about those caucasian and their ways.i think the family should investigate this matter,how can this young man burn when is in the water he went,and if something needed to be fix,why he was not accompanyed by someone els…this looks too fishy to me….time will tell..

  2. Thanks to William and John for the editing.

  3. Alton lived in the Commonwealth of Dominica not the Dominican Republic. May he RIP

  4. Alton Desiree was from the Commonwealth of Dominica. NOT the Dominican Republic.

  5. I saw the memorium at the end of tonight’s opening show and found this link in searching his name. If this just happened in Brazil it must have been during set up for next season.
    I love the show and he contributed towards it, so he will be missed.
    Condolences to the family.

  6. i just saw the dedication on the show and was wondering who he was.thats sad news.prayers to his family RIP

  7. that’s so sad. I just watch the show and saw the dedication to Alton Desiree. You never know when your time is up. I think Alton was having a great time working for this show. The places are amazing. I’m sad for the family. RIP.

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