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Alicia Nash’s real birth name was Alicia Lopez-Harrison de Larde. Nash was born in San Salvador, El Salvador, on Jan 1, 1933. Alicia married John Forbes Nash in February 1957 and thus, her name was changed to Alicia Nash. John Nash was the famous 1994 Nobel Prize winner in Economic Sciences.

Alicia and John Nash had a son named John Charles Martin Nash, who was born on May 20, 1959. The parents divorced in 1963 but kept in touch. After 7 years, John and Alicia Nash fell in love all over again and got married for their second time. As of June 1 2001, Mr and Mrs Nash were re-united.

John Nash’s biography was made into a movie called “A Beautiful Mind”. John Nash was portrayed by Russell Crowe and Alicia Nash was played by Jennifer Connelly.

John F. Nash Jr. (80), the American Economic Nobel prize winner of 1994, at Cafe Einstein Unter den Linden in Berlin, Germany. He is pictured with his first and second wife ( they married twice), Alicia Larde, and their son, John (50).

John F. Nash Jr., the american economic nobel prize winner of 1994

John Forbes Nash beginning background.

John Forbes Nash Jr was born on June 13, 1928, in West Virginia. He would be 82 years old when he celebrates his birthday on June 13, 2010.

Nash’s father was an electrical engineer and his mother was a school teacher. Nash’s parents encouraged him to read and study beyond his school curriculum.

Nash went on to study at the former Carnegie Institute of Technology, which has been since renamed as the Carnegie Mellon University. Nash was recognized as a genius by his former professor and based on his recommendation, Nash was offered a scholarship at Princeton University.

Nash’s studies and research were productive in creating many new theories in economics and mathematics.

John Nash had a girlfriend and relationship that began sometime in 1951. His girlfriend was Eleanor Stier. Ms Stier gave birth to their son, John David Stier. John Nash had considered marrying Stier but he changed his mind and split with her.

In 1955, Nash was working in Massachusetts when he met Alicia Lopez-Harrison de Larde. Larde was a physics student from El Salvador. Nash thought he shared more in common with Larde so he married her in Feb 1957.

In 1959, Larde sent Nash to a mental institution to get treatment for schizophrenia. Larde was pregnant with their baby and she gave birth while Nash was still in his mental hospital.

Nash remained in his hospital for about one year while his baby son was nameless. Alicia Larde wanted Nash to be discharged and returned home to decide on the name of his son.

John Forbes Nash was eventually well enough to be discharged. He saw his son and helped to name him John Charles Martin Nash.

Nash’s brilliant academic career was troubled by his schizophrenia, which haunted him in the years when his mind was most productive. Nash tried many treatments in many hospitals, all over Europe and the US. Drugs and experimental treatments had adverse effects on him and his brain. Eventually, Nash refused all medical treatments and retreated into a community that could accept his eccentricities.

Nash received many prizes and honorary degrees in recognition of his work.

John Forbes Nash Jr

 John Forbes Nash Jr

John Forbes Nash Jr

 John Forbes Nash Jr

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  1. Wow…. i mean the brink of madness is to some pple a joke others r so delicate it can hurt them. I will no longer mock my memories existance ever again. Im a professional Hypnotherapist & very good at wat i do. Over yrs i have learned the mind finds its own way to cope with life or the stuff nightmarea r made of. Being accepted who you are is hard today. But Nash showed it can b done, so im coming out i have been accused by many pple as a angel my abuse started bfore that with step parents then it just never stopped my intelligence caused me to crate a.pulsating blue glow for revenge purposes only. After seeing the movie A beautiful mind ; Russel crowe its a certainty i also.exceeded my brains levels to a higher level & bought upon myself an attitude problem. A case of f with me n i f back attitude instead i should b showing pple a way to reach more from themselves to accomplish there dreams without revenge in heart. I am a cold person as a human i am a cold person but im warming up educating with of all things MOVIES go figure.

  2. John Nash never left the baby in the bath tub. That scene was inserted by the film makers to make the movie more exciting. It’s an example of how the film stereotypes mental illness, and unfortunately viewers have taken in the dramatic fiction as fact.

  3. According to sources, John Nash was suffering from paranoid Schizophrenia. He had experiences of delusion. He was aware of the toll upon his wife and close circle. John used to take treatments but at the expense of his emotional and sexual relationship with Alicia. Later, he stopped taking medications and slowly learned to ignore the characters from his hallucinations. Although the publicly known reason for divorce wasn’t clear, it was assumed that his problems caused the split. It was dangerous to live with an ill person, illustrated by the incident when John left their baby alone in the bath tub.

  4. y did dey get divorced?

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