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Jan 262009

Alice Rae died at 18, on Jan 13 2009. Rae, of Houghton, Hampshire, UK, had anorexia. Her mother, Dr Christine Rae, discovered Alice dead in bed. Dr Rae said she was unhappy over the NHS care Alice had received over her illness.

Alice Rae died of multiple organ failure. Rae had fought anorexia for 2 years. Alice Rae was initially treated by the Eastleigh eating disorder clinic but after she deteriorated, she was switched to the NHS care.

Alice Rae left behind her mother, Dr Christine Rae, 51, her father Peter Rae, 52, brothers William Rae, 23, Tom Rae, 21, and sister Georgina Rae, 17.

Mary George, spokesman for the Eating Disorders Association, said that anorexia represented 10% of all eating disorders in UK. Out of that 10%, 20% of the affected patients die.

Alice Rae news/ photos.

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