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Sep 132009

Alexandra O’Hara is the subject of a movie called “Fatal Vows: The Alexandra O’Hara Story”. This movie was made in 1994, based on the true story of O’Hara.

Alexandra O’Hara is a single mother who was young and wishing for a second chance in life. O’Hara married a man, Nick Pagan, who she thought would give her a decent life.

Slowly, Nick Pagan revealed himself to be more than what he portrays himself to be, although he is less of a man O’Hara thought him to be.

O’Hara tried to leave Pagan but he objected. Pagan showed a streak of his cruelty when he injured O’Hara’s son. O’Hara then decided to fight Pagan in order to live for her son and herself. She has to pit her wits to outsmart Nick Pagan, the clever psychopathic serial killer.

Cynthia Gibb landed the plum role of Alexandra O’Hara in this 1994 movie. John Stamos played Nick Pagan.

Fatal Vows IMDB.

Cynthia Gibb arriving at The Funeral Planner Series Premiere at Gyenari Resturant in Culver City, CA on March 28, 2009.

The Funeral Planner Series Premiere

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  1. Man i just saw it just now at 11-1am on LMN wow! this guy was crazy and all the words thats go with that im glad she didnt kill him off he can just die in jail he seemed to very disturbed anyways thanx! peace^_^ feel free to email me watever.

  2. Where are Alexandera O’Hara, her son and Nick Pagan now?

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