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Feb 162009

Alexa Ammon lives in the East Hampton mansion where her father died. Her mother, Generosa Ammon had also died in the same house. Alexa Ammon was 13 in 2004. That makes her 19 in 2009.

Alexa Ammon and Gregory “Greg” Ammon said they wanted to live with the stepfather Danny Pelosi but their mother’s will was binding. Generosa Ammon passed away in August 2003 from breast cancer. Ammon had appointed her caregiver, Kay Mayne, as the guardian of her children. Gregory Ammon had to leave for boarding school in New Hampshire. Generosa Ammon had planned to separate her twins.

Generosa Ammon‘s story.

After Danny Pelosi’s trial and conviction, Gregory Ammon wrote down his thoughts to Pelosi.

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  4 Responses to “Alexa Ammon & Gregory Ammon on Danny Pelosi”

  1. I saw the twins in east hampton and the are all grown up now

  2. where are they now?

  3. Greg Ammon is sooooooo fine

  4. I love greg more than anything. first off grego and alexa are 19 in 2009…. 256 bitch. love hairypony

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