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Jan 032009

April 21 2011 – Simon van Kempen recorded a single called “I Am Real” to celebrate his stint in the Real Housewives show. It’s a dance song and maybe a “cameo” to test out the waters before Kempen makes his debut album.

April 7 2011 – Alex McCord and her husband Simon van Kempen really love being in The Real Housewives of New York City. They expressed their gratitude for the continuation of Season 4 of the show, by hosting a party at Kimberly Hotel. McCord and van Kempen hired the rooftop for the event.

McCord said she was surprised to see Sonja Morgan wearing the same dress she wore in an interview done by The View. Both McCord and Morgan had worn a dress by the designer Rolando Santana.

Jan 19 2011 – Alex McCord’s husband, Simon van Kempen, has his own spin off show, born out of his appearances in the Real Housewives of New York City.

Updated June 14 2010 – Alec McCord not releasing sex tape
Alex McCord said she will not release any sex tape of herself and her husband, Simon van Kempen. McCord said society generally would not be accepting of their reality TV celebrities releasing sextapes on the market.

Van Kempen echoed her statement, saying he would not make a sex tape with his wife for public release. McCord wants to preserve her intact image on The Real Housewives of New York.

Alex McCord refrained from criticizing Danielle Staub, saying Staub did it for the sake of building up her brand name and creating a future for her family.

McCord and Kempen have their own vehicle of propaganda in their book, “Little Kids, Big City: Tales From A Real House in New York City”. The book has a second printing coming out this June. That’s pretty successful.

McCord shared their plans for writing future books. Kempen and McCord are considering writing on topics like relationships and cookery. McCord said she thought the cook book has a potential for becoming a bestseller.

Alex McCord’s book has incurred the jealousy and ire of Jill Zarin. The latter accused McCord of recording little bits of information from interactions with the Housewives.

Kempen said that the cast members who had full time jobs and children were unlikely to act up for the cameras as they had their concerns in life to concentrate on. He explained that Jill Zarin took to heart everything that happened in the show because she had time to concentrate on it.

Jan 3 2009 – Alex McCord, a star inside the Real Housewives of New York City, has managed to stay in the gossip news for being nude. McCord, after becoming a mummy, auditioned for Playboy. The cameraman, James Demaria, informed a website that he took McCord’s naked photos as her audition for Playboy.

Simon van Kempen, Alex McCord’s husband, reportedly told his wife her nude photos were amazing. Alex McCord was not satisfied with her earlier naked photography session with Bob Coulter so she posed for another one with Demaria.

Alex McCord naked and Alex McCord nude are at the link. Definitely NSFW.

Alex McCord photo.

Alex McCord sexy legs picture.

April 7, 2009.
Simon Van Kempen & Alex McCord: McCord & Van Kempen in gay club (photo)
Simon Van Kempen is married to Alex McCord. Van Kempen is not gay and McCord is not a lesbian. That did not stop them from spending a night at Splash’s regular Wednesday night soiree, Six Degrees. Splash is in Manhattan, NY.

McCord showed how “The Real Housewives of New York” relaxed off the silver screen. McCord was not entirely off camera as she was captured on film by a professional agency called Wilson Models.

There are six degrees from any one person to the next stranger so that is a dangerous premise to work on. On the other hand, McCord and VanKempen may have been helping out with the promoters Don Hood and Dougie. (Photo at link)

Little Kids Big City Tales From A Real House In New York City by Alex McCord

The book “Little Kids Big City: Tales From A Real House In New York City” by Alex McCord tells some scandalous stories.

McCord wrote about how she enjoyed champagne before going into labor to deliver her baby years ago. After her delivery, McCord boasted she was able to get up and attend a soiree, together with her newborn infant! McCord and Simon van Kempen’s baby attended the first soiree at 48 hours old. Germs didn’t get to the baby.

Alex McCord (Married name Alex Van Kempen) in “Blind Date”, a reality TV show.

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