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Jun 232009

Tiny Manzo was an ironic nickname since the man was anything but tiny. Albert “Tiny” Manzo was Caroline Manzo’s father-in-law. Albert “Tiny” Manzo had two sons, Albert Manzo Jr and Tommy Manzo. Brownstone Restaurant was established by Manzo Sr and still runs today.

Albert “Tiny” Manzo was killed in August 1983. Manzo was linked to the Gambino family.

Manzo and another Gambino family worker, Peter A Campisi, were rumored to have stolen money from a mob casino on Staten Island. It was unclear how Campisi and Manzo skimmed the money but the mob boss knew about it and allegedly was involved in their deaths.

Tiny Manzo was discovered dead inside his parked car trunk. Tiny Manzo was fatally shot 4 times. Manzo’s body was nude and his arms and legs were tied up. Manzo was 350 pounds and a formidable man. It was not easy to overcome a big man.

Manzo’s car was parked outside a supermarket in New Jersey. The murder was unsolved. Campisi was also killed and found in a similar way.

After the Manzo sisters achieved fame on the reality TV show, they tried to distance themselves from the past. There were some denials about being linked to the unsavory mob associations. There were suggestions that the stories were untrue.

Oct 17 2011 – Dina Manzo helped to decorate a couple’s basement for their baby shower party. This was featured in her show, Dina’s Party. Dina and Caroline’s thicker than blood bond has been allegedly destroyed by a fight between Caroline and Teresa Giudice. The sisters did not drag names out in the mud, but their coolness has raised questions about their relationship. Caroline is already being talked about as being left out of the next new season of TRHNJ. Jacqueline Laurita is also allegedly being dismissed. Caroline is trying to take the bite out of the about turn of events. She said she was never really friends with Giudice. Caroline revealed she stopped speaking to Dina, because of their disagreements over Giudice. Dina Manzo had long left the Housewives show, after she disagreed with Danielle Staub.

Oct 23 2011 – Caroline Manzo said she stopped talking to her sister Dina Manzo, sometime after the latter left the RHNJ show. Now, there are rumors that Caroline may be cut from the show in the next new season. Jacqueline Laurita is another cats member allegedly being axed from the Housewives cast. Caroline blamed Teresa Giudice for destroying her family. Of course, Teresa has denied this.

2013 – Albert Manzo, 54, is sued by Lanise Jackson, 36. Jackson was a waitress at The Brownstone House when she claimed she was bullied with discrimination. Jackson alleged she was not paid ofr doing overtime work. Jackson said Albert Manzo and his younger brother Tommy Manzo referred to the staff at Brownstone as “Spic bitc*es”. Jackson was bussing tables at Brownstone from Oct. 2011 to April 2012, before taking a break. She then resumed work from Sep. 2013 to Nov. 2013. Jackson said she toiled for over 40 hours each week but was owned money for her labor. Jackson claimed Brownstone was dirty, pest infested and unclean. Albert Manzo warned that he may file his own lawsuit to make his own counterclaims. He said Jackson was defaming him and was in serious trouble for perjury.

Caroline Manzo may be starring in her own reality TV show called Mano’d With Children. She was a regular cast member since 2009, but stopped filming for season 6.

Their son Albie Manzo revealed they lied about their home address so he could attend school in Franklin lakes. Actually, their new house was still under construction during the 2 and ½ years but he wasn’t schooling under Wayne in New Jersey.

Caroline Manzo was faithful to her deceased father-in-law. She refused to talk about alleged mafia links. She maintained Tiny Manzo was a good, family man. Tiny was killed in August 1983. One year later, in July 1984, Caroline married Albert Manzo Jr.

Mike Russell was an undercover police man who infiltrated the mafia gang in New Jersey. His work lead to 54 arrests and 48 convictions in 1986. Undercover Cop, a book written by Mike Russell, related the story. The rights were bought and made into a movie of the same name.

Tiny Manzo might have known he was ear marked for death. In the weeks prior to his death, he bought a life insurance policy. He lied about his health on the forms and the policy was declared void. His widow, Anna Marie Manzo, aka Nina Manzo, was banned from collecting the half million payout.

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  1. Teresa is a hell of a lot smarter than Caroline. Teresa went to college, Caro didn’t. Teresa is successful, Caro is not. Everything she has tried to do has failed. She even tried to advise Teresa on Teresa’s book. Teresa did NOT take her advice and her books flew off the shelves. Caro’s did not. BLK is blech, Brownstone struggling, looks like Al is the cheater (ha ha) to the old hag Caro.

  2. Caroline, do not worry yourself over Teresa. She is an air head that is in an perpetual state of denial. She wll never own up to anything she has said or done. It is very, very sad. She does not seem very educated, so maybe she will never ever get it.
    I hope you and your sister will find each other again. I lost my sister suddenly in March after 17 yrs of not speaking. I wish I could change things, but for me it is to late. I deeply regret it every day. Good luck with your spin off !!!!!!!!

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