Bibi Aisha photos: Bibi Aisha mutilated pictures (photos)

Aug 6 2010 – BiBi Aisha (photos below) has arrived in the US after a hospital agreed to sponsor plastic surgery to reconstruct her mutilated nose. Will Bibi Aisha stay in the US after her facial reconstruction?

Aug 6 2010 – Bibi Aisha is featured on the cover of TIME magazine. Bibi Aisha (photos below), 18 or 19, had her ears and nose sliced off by her husband who gained entry into the house with the aid of the Taliban. Aisha is now mutilated.

Bibi Aisha said she ran away from her husband because she was treated like a slave and beaten. Bibi Aisha lost her ear lobes and nose in her homeland, Afghanistan, in 2009.

The problems of women’s rights in Afghanistan go way back to their culture, society and religion. American and foreign troops are not going to change the status of women in Afghanistan anytime soon.

Bibi Aisha

Bibi Aisha

Bibi Aisha

Bibi Aisha

Aisha Tyler & husband Jeff Tietjens: Tyler & Tietjens interracial couple (photo)

Updated November 3 – Aisha Tyler is rumored to be hosting her own new talk show. Tyler will have a slot in the afternoon with ABC to hold her talk show. The first pilot has been signed with Tyler.

Tyler was last seen in public entertainment in Comedy Central, in February. Tyler’s new style with ABC will be on comedy in politics, as in the “Daily Show” style.

Viewers who remember Aisha Tyler, 39, in “Talk Soup” and “The Fifth Wheel” will be happy to see her again on air.

Feb 22 2009 – Aisha Tyler is a comedian. Tyler graduated from San Francisco’s J. Eugene McAteer School of the Arts. Tyler went to Dartmouth College to finish her formal education. Tyler met Jeff Tietjens, an attorney, and they hooked up. Marriage followed.

Tyler and Tietjens moved to Oakland where she said they had to face stereotypes like cat calling because they were a mixed couple. Tyler said taking the public transport exposed them to the public and they had exhausting emotional experiences.

Tyler and Tietjens relocated to San Francisco to get some space and freedom from the heckling. Tietjens and Tyler next moved up to L.A. Tyler began working in comedy clubs and slowly became popular. Aisha Tyler has accumulated a long list of TV and stage credits since she started in 1996.

Aisha Tyler, Jeff Tietjens

Aisha Tyler – photo/gossip link.

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