Adam Cheng’s daughter, Winnie Cheng, posted sexy photos

Adam Cheng’s daughter, Winnie Cheng, 19, has posted pictures of herself partying and kissing 19 different men on her blog. Her father, Adam Cheng, said it was not a big deal for Winnie to be in a bikini and posing in pictures.

Winnie Cheng was sent to England to study. It was rumored that her father wanted her to change after he saw her photos where she was kissing two men. Winnie Cheng has posted more photos of herself in the company of different men.

Adam Cheng said he would be reminding Winnie not to post pictures online. Winnie’s mother is Koon Ching-wah. Winnie has a younger sister, Cecily Cheng. Adam Cheng’s eldest daughter is Joyce Cheng, whose mother is Lydia Sum, Adam’s ex-wife.

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